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June 26, 2006 08:00 ET

GraniteEdge Networks Extends Power of Emerging Threat Protection Solution With Major New Release

GraniteEdge ESP Advances Network Threat Protection for High-Value Business Processes to Aggressively Squelch Enterprise Security Breaches in Minutes Instead of Days, Weeks, or Months

BELLEVUE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 26, 2006 -- GraniteEdge Networks today announced its latest release of GraniteEdge ESP -- the only solution that automatically visualizes network behavior, transforming millions of individual events into a handful of visual chains of related and suspicious behavior. New capabilities further extend the technology leadership of GraniteEdge to protect high-value assets and key business processes by creating virtual security zones where all network behavior is closely tracked and developing threats exposed. Delivering unprecedented visibility into network behavior, IT organizations can immediately deploy GraniteEdge ESP to minimize potential damage and reduce the risk of threats that could jeopardize business continuity.

"A key challenge in responding to complex threats such as zero-day attacks, malware, bots, social engineering, and insider abuse is obtaining an accurate picture of these threats quickly," said Carl Snyder, chief operating officer with SafeHarbor Technology Corporation. "With GraniteEdge ESP, we can literally respond to breaches in minutes versus days and expose attacks that would otherwise go undetected. GraniteEdge ESP guarantees that our network security policies are in fact effectively working and that our most critical network-based assets are safe."

"Nearly every enterprise will suffer perimeter breaches. What's key is that they safeguard critical assets and ensure their ability to continue core business processes," said Rob Ayoub, analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "Defending these assets requires specialized defenses beyond signature-based detection, event-by-event correlation, anomaly detection, and log aggregation. GraniteEdge ESP delivers an important component of a defense in depth solution with its unique Threat Visualization solution."

GraniteEdge ESP: A Faster, Deeper Level of Analysis

GraniteEdge ESP reduces threat response times from days to minutes by providing a 500 times reduction in the amount of information that must be evaluated independently. Unlike traditional solutions that provide seemingly endless lists of independent event data, GraniteEdge ESP automatically "connects the dots" between related events and visualizes threats as they unfold. This enables both security and network operations teams to evaluate threats holistically, distinguish true threats from benign activity, and minimize response time to threats to ensure the safety of critical assets.

The out-of-line appliance is based on GraniteEdge Networks' patent-pending ClearCause™ Threat Visualization technology that creates a precise map of suspicious behavior to expose impacted resources, patient zero, policy violations, and network misconfigurations in real-time. With this new level of insight, GraniteEdge Networks delivers the highest level of assurance to enterprises that critical asset environments such as transaction networks, control networks and intellectual property vaults are fully protected against "low and slow" attacks, zero-day exploits, policy violations, and a new generation of non signature-based attacks.

The latest release of GraniteEdge ESP includes the following new and advanced features:

--  Expanded threat visualization
    Building on GraniteEdge ESP's unique ability to visually map attacks, are
    new chain topology maps, threat significance grading, and "fast scan"
    iconography features that increase the speed of analysis and place
    actionable knowledge at the fingertips of the security team.
--  Virtual security zones
    With GraniteEdge ESP enterprises are now able to create a highly focused
    security environment encompassing selected network devices, such as those
    associated with a particular class of assets or business process, from
    across the corporate network. Virtual security zones reduce the risk of
    threats against high-profile targets by providing fine-grained visibility
    into network behavior specifically impacting the virtual environment.
--  Automated reconnaissance phase analysis
    Further extending the unique ability of GraniteEdge ESP to expose subtle
    internal network threats, GraniteEdge has added automated stealth host
    scanning detection and analysis. By highlighting such activities common in
    early stages of an attack, security teams can now more quickly and
    proactively respond to threats before they cause extensive damage.
--  Role-based perspectives
    GraniteEdge ESP now offers console views tailored to the varying needs and
    interests of IT management, network operations, and security analysts. Each
    role-based perspective presents information suited to a particular job
    function. This enables various users to access pertinent information
    quickly and effortlessly.
Pricing and Availability

Available immediately, pricing for GraniteEdge ESP starts at $70,000.

About GraniteEdge Networks

GraniteEdge Networks, the leader in high-value asset security, delivers the most advanced defense in depth security standard for internal networks. Corporations rely on GraniteEdge as the core line of defense to protect critical network assets from sophisticated external and internal threats. Leveraging unique threat visualization technology that identifies and visually tracks damaging network behaviors in real-time, the GraniteEdge ESP solution allows IT to see and respond to threats in minutes that would otherwise normally go unseen for days or months. Named by Frost & Sullivan as Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in 2005 and the company to watch in 2006, GraniteEdge Networks is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. For more information, please call 425-452-1334 or visit

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