Grants International Inc.

Grants International Inc.

October 13, 2010 05:30 ET

Grants International Hits $75 Million Milestone in EI Refunds for Clients

Family-Owned Canadian Businesses Benefit from Red Tape Fighting Firm

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - Oct. 13, 2010) - What does $75 million look like? A line of 75 million loonies laid end to end would line the TransCanada Highway from Toronto to Winnipeg. Or, if you stacked them up, they'd be more than 146 km tall, about 264 times the height of the CN Tower. Put another way: it's also how much money Grants International has saved for Canadian family-owned businesses in Employment Insurance premiums.

"Too many family-owned businesses don't realize they are paying EI premiums unnecessarily," said Grants International founder and president Darren Earn. "If you work for a family-owned company and you've been paying EI premiums, it's likely that both you and the business are entitled to a refund."

The problem is simple: people working for a family business are usually ineligible to receive EI benefits, so therefore may be entitled to a refund and exemption now. Sadly, many people only realize that when they try to apply for EI and are told they don't qualify.

"The fact that our company alone has saved $75 million speaks volumes about the inequity in the system," said Earn about the milestone. "EI premiums are already significant sums of money for any business, but especially for small family-run companies. People are told to pay EI by one hand of the government and then are denied benefits by the other."

Ottawa hiking EI premiums in 2011

And the problem may get worse on January 1, 2011 as the federal government is currently considering a proposal to hike EI premiums. Grants International believes this will only cause more problems for family-run businesses that are trying to make their way in a difficult economy.

"We had been paying EI premiums for our family for 20 years in good faith," said Peter Bulut Jr., owner and president of Great Lakes Brewing Company of Etobicoke, Ontario. "This is like a hidden secret and Grants International uncovered it for us and made it right. We only wish we had heard about Grants sooner."

The company has helped nearly 15,000 clients over the years, obtaining refunds that typically range from a few thousand to more than $40,000. Grants International often saves more than $7,000 per family member employee.

Employees who are related to the owner of a business are qualified for an EI refund and an ongoing exemption. That includes children, spouses, parents and siblings. It's important to note that employers should not unilaterally decide to stop paying EI premiums. Failure to follow the correct procedures could result in penalties and the loss of a refund.

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Grant's International ( is a Canadian-owned company, established in 1991, that obtains Employment Insurance refunds for family businesses across Canada.

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