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February 25, 2011 18:20 ET

Granular Item Level RFID, StealthLocator v3.1™, Solution and Formula Drives the Next Level of RFID Technology Adoption, Among Big Box Retailers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 25, 2011) - StealthLocator v3.1™ formula proves updating the inventory file with RFID data, improves and provides accuracy and efficiencies for Bloomingdale's, a division of Macy's. 

"This is the largest (120,000 sqft.), most complex (multiple Family of Business (FOB), locations, exits and sales floor), as an open loop retailer currently in general production within the United States," stated Bradley M. Berlin, Sr Vice President, StealthRFID. The project has been the core catalyst behind the acceptance and adoption by Bloomingdale's and others to begin an aggressive plan for deployment consideration. Just-Style, Mike Flanagan, 8 February 2011, THE FLANARANT: Is RFID in apparel finally coming of age?, DOWJones, November 1 2010 publicity launch and NRF January 10, 2011.

Bloomingdale's selected StealthNetwork Communications, Inc. as a Preferred Business Solutions Partner, to provide RFID feasibility analysis, impacts and systems integration for a Manhattan location, with a follow-on expansions to include two other locations. Incorporated into the StealthLocator v3.1™ is Stealth's patented D3, Define.Design.Deliver., process map to measure the underlying factors of people, process and technology as well as the proven ROI formula for RFID deployment.

The benefits were quantified thru a pre-established metrics, D3 model, and formula. The organization compared the performance of the Manhattan store to the Company and other like facilities, based on their operational plans. Inventory accuracy has increased from the initial baseline metric of an average of 70% to 96%.

Granular Item Level RFID inventory is performed on demand, as needed and on a regularly scheduled cadence, in approximately 4 hours by 3 people as compared to an all-day annual event (5,000 items per hour vs. 200 items per hour using barcode). This represents a 96% improvement overall, and provides better service to the Bloomingdale's client and a timely and accurate inventory count. Also, StealthLocator v3.1™ assists sales associates to effectively help clients by checking if the item is available on the selling floor or stockroom.

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