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October 04, 2010 20:15 ET

Grass Point Announces Grass Fed Dairy Tops World Dairy Expo

THORP, WI--(Marketwire - October 4, 2010) -  On September 16th Grass Point Farms was notified that it placed first for ultra-pasteurized 2% white milk at the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest and third overall with a score of 99.85 out of 100. Sixteen milk brands competed in the event. Judges commented that Grass Point's milk had "a creamy rich flavor."

"We are seeing a greater understanding from consumers on the different methods of food production. This is increasing our demand and distribution reach across the country," says Chad Pawlak, president, Grass Point Farms, the country's only full line of production grass fed dairy products. 

Grass fed dairy products come from cows that live the lifestyle they were meant to live, roaming outdoors, grazing on pastures and eating harvested grasses in the winter months. "Consumers are tired of hearing and supporting factory farms. The treatment of cows is becoming more important and Grass Point is here to highlight the benefits of rotational grazing," say Pawlak. 

The milk from grass fed cows offers consumers rich tasting dairy products with the greatest health benefits that go beyond organic and conventional dairy, including being free of artificial growth hormones, higher in naturally occurring beta carotene (Vitamin A), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and Omega-3 fatty acids. According to the American Grassfed Association initial research has shown grass fed dairy products are crucial in reducing cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and other life threatening diseases.

"Much of the world is already steps ahead of the US in their grass fed dairy cultivation," says Pawlak. "It's important to go back to basics and focus on the animals that are providing us with our dairy. The way our Grass Point Farms' North American farmers are functioning is the way it used to be, cows raised in a healthy and stress-free environment is what gives our dairy products their value."

Grass Point Farms offers a full line of milk, butter and an assortment of cheeses. Grass Point Farms cheeses are available in retail and deli packaging. The milk for Grass Point Farms' dairy products comes solely from family farms where the cows roam open pastures grazing on their natural diet of grasses. All Grass Point Farms products proudly carry the Certified Pasture stamp of approval. 

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