October 02, 2012 16:10 ET

Gravytrain Offers Full Content Writing Services to Businesses Looking to Take Their Website to the Next Level

Businesses Can Save Time and Resources by Taking Advantage of Gravytrain's Content Writing Services at a Surprisingly Affordable Price

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 2, 2012) - It is no surprise that businesses who continuously update their website with valuable information will attract more returning customers than those who have unchanging content. Customers nowadays like to be aware of the latest promotions and products as soon as they are available on the market. Part of this can be attributed to the growing popularity of social media, where information is shared almost instantaneously. Companies such as Apple create hype over products and their website is constantly offering customers new and exciting information. The value of this is demonstrated in their sales and overall popularity; consumers simply like to have the latest and greatest.

Businesses are now beginning to discover that maintaining an ever-changing website with interesting content is a challenging task. Not only does this content need to be well written and of value to consumers, it also must be timely, as even the most exciting of all updates loses value if it is not shared with the world in real time. Gravytrain recognizes that producing this content is both time consuming and a significant use of resources within a business. As a result, Gravytrain offers businesses the option to outsource all of their content writing to skilled writers who are experienced in producing high quality work in a short time period. "With the internet's undying thirst for content, business owners and webmasters have a duty to continually add new and exciting written pieces to their web properties as without new content, search engines will have little motivation to increase a website's rank" says Erik MacKinnon, founder of Gravytrain. "Here at Gravytrain we focus on helping our clients fulfill that need by focusing on our core values: speed, quality and value."

A large concern for businesses is whether investing in website content will ultimately result in an increase in the bottom line. Businesses which are recently starting out often do not have the resources to devote solely to creating a content-rich website, however they also do not have the capital to spend on hiring professional writers of their own. Gravytrain offers competitive pricing that allows these businesses to control the amount of money they invest in their website by offering content writing services on a per word basis. With a starting rate of 5 cents per word, small businesses have the option to request shorter articles spread over a longer time period. As the business grows and customers begin to check back frequently for more information, longer content can be written more frequently, at a price that the business is comfortable with. Businesses interested in learning more about Gravytrain's content writing services can visit


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