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September 27, 2005 16:05 ET

Graystone Park Enterprises Announces Record Date for Its First Spin-Off of IC PLACES

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 27, 2005 -- GRAYSTONE PARK ENTERPRISES, INC. (OTC: GPKE) today announced the successful completion of the spin-off of IC Places, Inc. As a result, holders of Graystone Park common stock will receive a dividend of IC Places common stock. The dividend has been set at 75%. This will give Graystone share holders 75 shares of IC Places stock for every 100 shares of Graystone common stock held. The record date of the spin-off is October 7th, 2005, 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


The IC Places spin-off is a landmark for Graystone as it is the first of many planned spin-offs for the company.

"Finishing our first spin-off is a major accomplishment," said Edward Spade, president of Graystone. He went on to say, "As with any business endeavor the first one is always the most exciting. Graystone's goal is to continue finding diamonds in the rough like IC Places and give them funding and management expertise needed to kick start their growth and eventually spin them off into their own public entities. Now that we have been from start to finish on our first spin-off, the path is much clearer."

"Our experience with Graystone has been life changing," said Adam Samblis, President of IC Places, Inc. He continued, "For three years we have been a company with great ideas with limited resources to achieve them. Graystone brought us needed capital and management direction to turn the ideas into realities. With their assistance we have built an infrastructure to propel us forward and we now have the resources to acquire additional resources needed to continue our success path."


IC Places owns and operates a network of city-based web sites that are used by both travelers and local individuals. The sites offer 11,000 hotels, 2,700 restaurant, 2,000 golf courses, discount event tickets, discount car rentals, discount airfare, attraction tickets and much more.

The business model is highlighted by its Independent Travel Consultant program. (ITC) Through the program, IC Places has the unique position of being one of the only online travel companies with a network of specialists that will handle calls only in the cities they live in. Most large online travel companies use phone centers in a single country, with the majority being in India.

The ITC Program brings two levels of impact to IC Places' bottom line. The ITC program creates revenues when people signing up. IC Places has 100 city web sites. The ITC system can handle 200 ITCs per city. This results in a maximum capacity of 20,000 ITCs. At maximum capacity, considering a $500.00 per ITC sign up, gross signup revenues could reach $10,000,000.

It is planned to have ITCs in place in cities while also selling advertising space on IC Places sites. ITCs receive a 20% referral fee for enrolling advertisers for their city site. An advertisement is $100.00 a month. 100 IC Places sites have an average of 50 pages each. This is a total of 5000 pages. At 10 ads per page, the potential is for 50,000 ads. This would create $5,000,000 in gross revenues per month. After paying a 20% referral fee, net annual revenue possibilities are $48,000,000.00.

About Graystone Park Enterprises, Inc.

Graystone Park Enterprises, Inc. was founded to assist the small-business entrepreneur in growing his company and reducing the pitfalls that normally stall a start-up company. Graystone plans on acquiring healthy fledgling companies in need of assistance to dramatically increase its market share. Graystone projects to acquire 5-10 companies in 2005, and an additional 8-12 companies in 2006.

Graystone will maintain a percentage of each subsidiary company after the subsidiary begins trading under its own symbol. Graystone expects its revenues, and the value of its equity positions, to be in the double-digit millions by the end of this year. With Graystone's projected aggressive growth in revenues and asset ownership, it is expecting to be AMEX qualified in 2006. GPKE has the knowledge and expertise to take many growth companies to the next level. In doing so, it is able to capitalize on various markets to maximize return on its investment. The GPKE dividend distribution plan puts an emphasis on bolstering shareholder value.

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