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April 26, 2012 09:22 ET

Great Gluten-Free Grilling

MISSION, KS--(Marketwire - Apr 26, 2012) - (Family Features) Cookouts, picnics and barbecues mean sharing food and good fun with family and friends. For those living gluten-free, whether due to dietary restrictions or personal choice, these gatherings can cause added stress, as finding foods they can eat may prove difficult. Likewise, gluten-free eaters may worry they'll be perceived as picky or difficult.

But with today's great tasting gluten-free options, such as cookies and brownies, hotdog and hamburger buns, and even pizza crusts, gluten-free individuals can now join in the hot-off-the-grill goodness.

Gluten-free breads, including hamburger and hotdog buns, have come a long way over the past few years. In fact, makers like Udi's Gluten Free Foods are leading the way in making gluten-free products that taste just as good, if not better, than their gluten-filled counterparts. That means whether you're noshing on a hamburger or a hotdog, you'll have the freedom to choose a delicious gluten-free bun to wrap around your favorite cookout fare.

Hosting your own backyard barbeque? Here are some simple tips to make gluten-free grilling deliciously easy and safe for all your guests:

  • Always check the labels. Gluten shows up in some surprising places, including marinades, condiments and even some processed meats.
  • Many grilling side dishes are naturally gluten-free, so set out plenty of potato salad, grilled vegetables, corn on the cob, melon and other fruits, and baked beans.
  • Grill any gluten-free foods first -- that way you'll avoid the possibility of cross-contamination with foods that do contain gluten. You can also grill individual meals inside foil or parchment packets and prevent cross-contamination that way, too.
  • If you're going to someone else's party, bring your own crackers and snacks, and even your own gluten-free buns.

And, try this recipe for Spicy Slaw Dogs which is completely gluten-free, from the hot dogs and condiments to the tangy slaw and tender buns. You can find more great gluten-free recipes for grilling -- and anytime -- at

Spicy Slaw Dogs
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
1 pack Udi's Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns
2 tablespoons butter, softened
2 tablespoons stone ground mustard, (gluten free)
2 tablespoons ketchup
1 tablespoon soy sauce, (gluten free)
1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil
1 large garlic clove, minced
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon honey
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon sherry vinegar
6 cups finely shredded green cabbage, (about 1/2 head)
3 fresh red or jalapeño chiles, (seeded and thinly sliced)
Salt to taste
Gluten-free hot dogs

To prepare hot dog buns:
Mix together butter and mustard; spread on buns. Lightly toast buns on grill.

To prepare hot dogs:
Mix together ketchup, soy sauce, vegetable oil and garlic in a small bowl. Cut cross-hatches in hot dogs. Pour mixture onto a plate and roll hot dogs in it. Grill to desired doneness.

To prepare slaw:
In large bowl, stir honey with sherry vinegar until honey is dissolved. Add shredded cabbage and chiles; season with salt and toss. Let stand until cabbage is slightly softened, tossing a few times, about 15 minutes.

Place grilled hot dog in hot dog bun and top with slaw.

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