March 30, 2011 14:39 ET

Great News for UnionTown Energy: President #Obama Commits to "Producing More Oil Here at Home."

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - March 30, 2011) - President Barrack Obama delivered a speech today on U.S. energy security. His message was clear: cut oil imports by a third, increase domestic production, and "stop hitting the snooze button."

Domestic American oil producers have reason to be hugely optimistic about their prospects going forward with the White House administration firmly on their side.

While the president touted the importance of energy conservation in today's speech at Georgetown University, he underscored the key role that oil plays in the U.S. economy and stressed America's need to increase production inside its own borders.

"It's absolutely certain that demand will go up," said the President. "Two billion people [worldwide] are going to start consuming."

Small American oil producers such as UnionTown Energy (UTOG) have reason to be greatly encouraged by the President's direction. The repatriation of oil production over the course of the next ten years aligns perfectly with the company's plan to expand its exploitation in the Heath shale region of central Montana.

Nimble young oil companies operating in Montana and are poised for huge growth based on the plans the outlined by President Obama.

In recent weeks, UnionTown Energy has doubled its share value as investors in the U.S. and elsewhere have started to realize the obvious potential of the Montana region. In the long term, small, up-and-coming domestic oil companies provide significant opportunity for investors to profit from the revival of America's oil production economy.

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