SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

April 16, 2009 14:10 ET

Great Performance Gains Don't Happen Without Fully Automatic Defrag

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2009) - It's a known fact that defragmentation provides system performance gains. In fact, performance will only slow down and finally cease without it, for file fragmentation just gets progressively worse unless it is fully addressed.

Advances in technology mean faster processing, larger files and leaps in disk capacity. They also mean vast increases in file fragmentation; a greater number of files are fragmenting at higher-than-ever rates. Unfortunately, much of the defrag technology available has not advanced to keep up with these rates of fragmentation, and some enterprises end up wondering why they're still experiencing symptoms of fragmentation when they have a defrag "solution" in place.

Manual defragmentation -- which is still performed at a number of sites -- is the least cost-effective of all methods. Because many servers must be constantly up and running, finding times when such maintenance can be performed is next to impossible. When time can be found, valuable IT overtime must be spent accomplishing it. And in between the maintenance times that can be found, fragmentation continues to build, impacting performance and reliability.

Scheduled defrag is little better. Finding times to schedule runs is just as difficult, and fragmentation continues to wield its destructive effects in between scheduled runs.

Today, it is only Diskeeper® fully automatic defrag that can provide the performance gains expected of defragmentation.

"What amazes me about Diskeeper is the percentage of performance gain the reports show," said Angela McCord of Lexjet in Sarasota, Florida. "I've seen as much as an 88% performance gain on one server."

Diskeeper's proprietary InvisiTasking® technology allows defrag to occur in real-time, utilizing only otherwise idle resources. Disks are maintained in a fragmentation-free state. There is never a negative performance effect on users and scheduling is never required.

"With the advent of Diskeeper, it has freed up several hours of my time and eliminated the issue of bringing our servers offline in order to properly run the service in Windows," said Rudy Hassall, Sr. Manager, Information Systems with TMG Strategies in Arlington, Virginia. "InvisiTasking has allowed the disk defragmentation to run in the background with no effect on the end users. This has been a huge asset to our department."

Defrag is essential to the performance of all systems. It is Diskeeper that truly makes defrag gains possible for enterprises the world over.

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