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May 21, 2012 09:00 ET

Great Wall Builders (GWBU) Distributor NESS Tech Enters Into Distribution Contract for EUR9,157,650 of Start FEED Units in France

NESS Tech Appoints Cogedev.RC as Exclusive Distributor for France Market

BOLOGNA, ITALY--(Marketwire - May 21, 2012) - Great Wall Builders, Ltd. (operating as "Start Technologies Europe I.G." or "Start Technologies") (OTCBB:GWBU) and NESS Tech, Start Technologies' exclusive European distributor, is pleased to announce the appointment of Cogedev.RC, as its exclusive agent for the France market.

The five (5) year agreement calls for a minimum total wholesale purchase of €9,157,650 in Start Fuel Efficiency and Emission Device (FEED) units, including a minimum purchase of €1,500,000 in the first 12 months, with a requirement to increase the minimum purchase by 10% per annum in each successive year. The minimum wholesale purchase in Year 5 of the agreement is projected to be $2,196,150.

The Start Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Device (FEED)

The Start Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Device (FEED) is a patent-pending fuel-conditioning technology that reduces fuel consumption and polluting emissions, while increasing engine horsepower. Start FEED technology functions by discharging an electric current at a specified frequency and wavelength into the fuel at ambient temperatures prior to its entry into the combustion engine.

Using this patent-pending technique, the high-voltage electric current breaks long-chain hydrocarbon molecules into shorter, lighter, more volatile molecules. Conventional gas and diesel fuels reconditioned by the Start FEED unit become more flammable and burn more completely in the combustion chamber.

This process is known as "cracking" in the petroleum refinery industry, where it is used to convert feedstock oil into gasoline, diesel and other products, including butanes, propane, propylene, ethane and methane. The patent-pending Start FEED is the only known technology proven to accomplish the cracking process directly into operating gas and diesel automotive and heavy-equipment engines.

About Cogedev.RC

Cogedev works within the energy sector, with an emphasis on technology solutions that can reduce the consumption of electricity as well as improving the efficiency of fossil fuel powered equipments and vehicles. The Company, headed by J.B. Roux (previously a department head with Arianespace; the commercial European space launch organization), has set out a program of testing and certification for the Start FEED units with The Union Technique de l'Automobile du motocycle et du Cycle (Technical Union for the Automobile, Motorcycle and Cycle Industries - UTAC), and ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.

About NESS Tech GmbH

As previously announced on May 18th, 2012, NESS Tech has the exclusive distribution rights for the Start Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Device (FEED) Units in the European Union with the exclusion of Italy, United Kingdom and Ireland. The contract also includes the territories of Norway, Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

About Great Wall Builders, Ltd.

Great Wall Builders, Ltd. (operating as "Start Technologies Europe I.G." or "Start Technologies") owns the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights to the Start Fuel Efficiency and Emission Device (FEED), an aftermarket device for internal combustion engines that enhances performance by causing fuel to combust more efficiently and completely. The technology uses a high-voltage electric current to break long-chain hydrocarbon molecules into shorter, lighter more volatile molecules. The patent-pending device produces a number of important benefits, including; lower emissions; reduced fuel consumption; and improved engine performance. The technology can be applied to a variety of different types of engines, both diesel and gasoline powered, heavy equipment as well as consumer vehicles. For more information, visit

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