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October 18, 2007 04:34 ET

GreatLiveGames : A new inescapable partner for internet actors

LONDON--(Marketwire - October 18, 2007) - GreatLiveGames : A new inescapable partner for internet actors

London, October 18th, 2007 - While internet actors continue to look for new content and entertainment for their customers and so have additional and new sources of income, GreatLiveGames Ltd offers today a new multiplayer skill game platform, developed using unequalled know-how in the world.

Well known casual skill games like Billiard, Puzzle, Mahjong, Solitaire etc. can be played by users, using a unique online duel concept, where winners can earn money based on their comparative game skill only. GreatLiveGames experts are presenting casual games in a dual player manner, which is unique!

Up market gaming and entertainment experience is made available as a service to, and a way to develop further business for internet actors. Today!

High Technology

Over 21 exclusive games of skill have been developed, which remove any elements of chance or luck in order to be absolutely compatible with existing European legislation. including France's.

A model based solely on real time duels between real players, not against computers: Once more, an exclusive GreatLiveGames platform offer. It is a robust platform enabling the management of community offers which make leading sites successful (Chat room, Blog, Avatars, Friends list...) and allowing thousands of connections at the same time.

But most of all, the platform realises innovative and exciting concepts, where the players can bet on their victory and earn money: a real revolution to online playing!

Serving all internet industry leaders

Media actors, entertainment actors, but also Telecom and internet operators who wish to improve their site contents and provide entertainment, GreatLiveGames platform is made for you. Besides the possibility of playing dual, it brings playful innovations which will please your site users with our personalisation capabilities (avatars) and community capabilities (chat rooms).

"Many studies over the world have shown that internet users are more and more sensitive to internet game offerings, simple casual games to have a good time on the first round. All sites are getting to this because they know it will increase traffic and time spent on their site" stated Frank Loubaresse, GreatLiveGames spokesman; "But the right economic model enabling investment in new games and offering unique "experience" to players at the same time has to be found, which is a real challenge achieved by GreatLiveGames teams and therefore, all beneficial to our clients.

Win-Win model

Zero risk: Clients who choose to complement their website with the capabilities of the GreatLiveGames platform, do not need to make any investment nor need to pay any license fee.

Only winners: GreatLiveGames will pay them part of its earnings produced by a service commission on profits.

This business model combines content attractiveness and a new earning source representing significant part of their annual net profit.

After a first strategic partnership with opening its site in Europe this October in two languages, GreatLiveGames is already discussing with leading sites in Europe which are willing to enjoy this innovation.

About GreatLiveGames

GreatLiveGames Ltd delivers, hosts, manages and provides marketing for clients of its "Multiplayer internet gaming platform" offering, where members can bet on their victory and so earn money. Holding the best exclusive games where skill, proficiency or speed are the only criteria for victory, GreatLiveGames offers a complete solution, compliant to existing legislation, which is a new revenue source for its clients and, at the same time, providing management, maintenance and support.

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