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Green Charge Networks

May 30, 2012 13:49 ET

Green Charge Networks Launches GridSynergy™

Helping Electric Utilities to Maximize Grid Assets at Three to 10 Times Less the Cost of Hardware Upgrades

BROOKLYN, NY--(Marketwire - May 30, 2012) - Green Charge Networks (GCN), a leader in smart grid, and energy storage and management, announced the launch of GridSynergy™ -- a unique business rules platform software for electric utilities to keep up with rising demands on the grid by using software instead of hardware based service upgrades. This solution allows utilities to maximize the efficiency and reliability of current assets by real-time updates on the status of grid assets, recommendations for load relief and subsequent execution of load relief. This avoids expensive hardware upgrades while spending three to 10 times less.

Vic Shao, GCN's Chief Technology Officer in charge of the GridSynergy™ development, explains: "The commercial energy consumption market totals $40 billion annually and electricity is growing as the primary energy source. Utilities will be faced with huge construction expenditures if they rely on hardware versus software solutions to meet the growing demand." Nationwide, the cost to upkeep the electric grid runs into hundreds of billions of dollars. This massive and growing capital expenditure is the focus of the U.S. Smart Grid movement.

GridSynergy™ is an end-to-end platform that can turn vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence, allowing utilities to increase asset utilization, reduce capital expenditures, meet demand growth, and integrate demand response and demand generation into grid operations. GridSynergy™ also enables small commercial players who normally would not meet the minimum energy pledge to enroll in demand response programs by aggregating the load of multiple facilities.

GCN currently provides three software modules:

  • GridSynergy Intelligence: A robust and scalable processing engine that distills intelligence from large data sets and provides load flow analysis. The engine renders visualizations and computes in real-time available options for surgically relieving loads at overstressed utility assets. It takes into account available curtailment and/or generation capacity such as demand response assets, storage systems, etc.
  • GridSynergy Execution: A network operations center (NOC) console that manages available smart grid assets by constantly monitoring the grid. It executes the curtailment or generation commands and relays the acknowledgement back to the utility operator.
  • GridSynergy Client: An embedded software package that powers the smart controller technology installed at the facility -- providing an inexpensive alternative to utility service upgrades for the building owner. GridSynergy Client™ offers the capability for three complementary hardware modules to further minimize utility service upgrades. These include GCN's GreenStation™ (energy storage), SmartGrid enabled EV chargers and a building automation system.

"GridSynergy™ was developed based on four years of hands-on research of the grid and electric demand," adds Ryan Prosser, GCN President and Chief Operating Officer. "It provides a much needed solution to a real-world problem for utilities across the country."

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Green Charge Networks (GCN), a leader in smart grid and energy storage technology, develops and operates intelligent systems to accommodate local demand for electricity under existing generation and storage capacity restraints. Working with utility companies as well as public and private sector organizations, GCN is equipping the nation with advanced technologies to reduce energy spending and achieve increased efficiency. Our technology uses existing grid infrastructure and enables value-adds such as electric vehicle (EV) charging. GCN is based in Brooklyn, N.Y., with offices in San Francisco and Huntington Beach, Calif. Learn more at

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