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February 06, 2012 20:51 ET

Green Nicotine Leads the Way in Preventing Minors From Using Electronic Cigarettes

TUCSON, AZ--(Marketwire - Feb 6, 2012) - Amidst a flurry of scrutiny about the electronic cigarette industry, Green Nicotine once again finds itself standing out from all other electronic cigarette companies.

Recent attacks on the electronic cigarette industry stem from concern that minors are finding it easy to get their hands on e-cigs. Ease of access, coupled with enticing flavors, has made it increasingly convenient for minors to gain access to electronic cigarettes. As government agencies become more involved in monitoring electronic cigarette companies to prevent the targeting of minors, Green Nicotine has set the standard for ethical self-regulation.

"I cannot speak for other electronic cigarette companies, but I can tell you that Green Nicotine has made it a mission to prevent minors from getting ahold of our electronic cigarettes. We aren't worried about further regulation that would restrict e-cigarette use by minors. In fact, we welcome and encourage it. Not only have we employed a mandatory identification check at our physical locations, enforced through secret shoppers and surveillance, but we also require an adult signature for each new customer that orders through our website," said Sean Schoepflin, owner and CEO of Green Nicotine. "Our intent is to improve the lives of current smokers, not to convert non-smokers to our product."

Green Nicotine's commitment to reducing access of electronic cigarettes to minors goes beyond the Age Verification Policy. While many e-cigarette brands have added fruit or candy flavors to their product lines, Green Nicotine has maintained its strong stance of only offering traditional tobacco flavors.

"A real smoker doesn't want a strawberry flavored substitute. Smokers want a product that tastes like the real thing. Any e-cig company, including Green Nicotine, has the technology to produce flavors that appeal to everyone. We have specifically chosen not to do that. Fruit flavors do nothing but promote the recruitment of non-smokers and minors," said Schoepflin.

Since its inception, Green Nicotine has sought to improve the lives of smokers by reducing the intake of harmful chemicals and carcinogens that are associated with traditional tobacco. The goal of Green Nicotine is a smoke-free environment that will be more beneficial for all people, especially those suffering from exposure to second and third hand smoke.

"Our purpose is to help our customers satisfy or reduce their nicotine intake while also eliminating harmful chemicals. My ideal world would be one in which Green Nicotine is no longer necessary and we have to close our doors because all of our customers no longer need our product. It isn't about turning a profit for me. It's about improving lives that have been damaged by traditional tobacco use."

Once again, it is the mission and vision of Green Nicotine that is not only central to the company, but is also defining the industry.

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