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October 14, 2014 09:00 ET

Green Planet Hydrogen Generator Blows Expectations Away - 40% MPG Improvement

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2014) - The Green Planet Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: GNPG) (PINKSHEETS: GNPG) offices are buzzing these days over the outstanding results of initial testing of the AAQIS, Inc. subsidiary's On-Demand Hydrogen Generator. AAQIS revolutionary technology utilizes the excess electricity generated by a vehicle's engine to break down water into its base elements, hydrogen and oxygen. This gas is then fed into the engine resulting in improved mileage and reduced emissions. The Green Planet Engineering Group had projected an improvement in fuel economy of approximately 11% and a reduction in emissions of up to 77% in gasoline and diesel fueled internal combustion engines.

In late September, the AAQIS On-Demand Hydrogen Generator was dynamometer tested at Klein Engines of Phoenix, Arizona. The AAQIS generator HHO (two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen) gas output was fed into the air intake on a Chevrolet Small Block V-8 350 cubic inch "crate" engine. Engine and generator performance was tested and recorded on an SF-902 dynamometer with test data collected through a Windyn computer interface software program. Operated by Robert King, of King Dyno, the system recorded accurate data spreadsheets and graphs, and monitored various temperatures, pressures and flows, keeping a close check on the engine performance, fuel consumption and emissions throughout each run.

Green Planet Group CEO Ed Lonergan exclaimed, "The test results reported by Robert King positively blew our entire team away! We recorded a fuel efficiency improvement of 40 percent and a reduction in exhaust emissions to very nearly zero. We knew our new design hydrogen gas generator would perform well, but the test results absolutely exceeded every expectation. Our engineering team was quite literally jumping for joy!"

Tom Klein, founder of Klein Engines, noted, "Equally important and impressive was the Chevy engine performance. At Klein Engines, performance is our key measure of success. Engine performance with the AAQIS generator operating absolutely equaled the engine performance when run on pure gasoline. There was no performance degradation at all. In fact, the addition of the HHO gas to the combustion chamber very nearly completely burned all the hydrocarbons. This AAQIS hydrogen generator really is amazing. Top performance and a 40% improvement in mileage? That's tough to beat!"

The Green Planet Group engineering team will continue testing of the AAQIS On-Demand Hydrogen Generator later this month utilizing a Chevrolet V-8 Turbo Diesel 6.5 liter engine. Lonergan noted, "We are eager to see these diesel engine test results. Our hydrogen generator is designed to work on all engines, gasoline or diesel fueled. We anticipate diesel test results that will equal or exceed last month's gasoline engine test results. We have already begun assembly of generator prototype production models. We know we're onto something big here and expect to begin generator sales in early 2015."

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The Company is comprised of four wholly-owned subsidiaries: one operating company and three development companies. XenTx Lubricants, Inc. produces lubricants and additives for gasoline and diesel engines. AAQIS, Inc. is developing a hydrogen generator which greatly reduces hydrocarbon emissions while improving fuel efficiency in internal combustion engines. Green Mining Technologies, Inc. is developing green technologies for the mining of precious metals. The Company's Healing the Earth subsidiary is developing a new Fast Track™ growing system capable of growing vast amounts of fresh, organic food.

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