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May 16, 2011 06:00 ET

Green Rubber Industrial Doors: a Green and Sustainable Game-Changer for Industrial Processing Plants, WVSN Reports

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) - Green rubber industrial doors are becoming the new game changing trend for industrial plant owners trying to achieve green and sustainable industrial practices throughout North America. With soaring energy costs, energy loss has become an alarming area of concern for industrial plants. In a recent interview on Industry Visions, Wayne Carr, National Sales Manager for TNR Industrial Doors, (an early pioneer in the development of rubber as the material of choice in roll-up doors), is bullish on the concept that high speed-high performance rubber industrial doors will be the future of energy efficiency doors in industry.

During the interview, Carr displayed astonishing thermal photography showing per-fuse bleeding of energy through and around a standard steel roll-up industrial door while the same thermal image showed the TNR rubber roll up industrial door emitting little to no energy loss.

"Roll up steel doors are made with interlocking steel panel sections that allow air to easily pass through the seams and all around the edges. On a windy day the cold air can literally whistle through the cracks! With our TNR industrial rubber doors, the harder the wind blows the tighter the seal against the building -- we have no seams!

"When you consider how slow steel doors are opening and closing at only eight (8) inches per second, that's a huge amount of energy pouring out of the plant. TNR rubber industrial doors are high-speed opening -- as fast as up to sixty (60) inches per second.

"Green manufacturing is the trend of today," continued Carr. Green manufacturing means efficiency. With high-speed rubber industrial doors, bottlenecks of production end in shipping and receiving. In the event a steel door becomes damaged by a fork truck collision, costly rerouting of materials to another door in the facility is avoided. Industrial rubber doors are repaired in minutes with replacement of a small nut and bolt that can be done by an in-house maintenance man, and door traffic resumes immediately.

"High speed rubber doors are becoming the cornerstone of green manufacturing for Leed Points and overall companies looking for money-saving, ECO-friendly products. Return on Investment is terrific when all the factors are considered -- just plain old worker comfort for productivity is huge. I tell everyone that I don't want to replace all of your overhead steel, just the most important one -- the one that breaks down at 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon when everyone is ready to go home -- or the main loading dock door that is subject to fork truck collisions that puts you out of the shipping or receiving business. Our doors are indestructible, reliable, and the green and sustainable choice for world industry."

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