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February 05, 2010 09:58 ET

Green Star Begins TVT Trials With Prestigious College in Saumur, France

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - February 5, 2010) - Green Star Products, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GSPI) recently started testing its TVT Product Line at the renowned Sadi-Carnot College in Saumur in Paris, France.

Some of the prestigious Sadi-Carnot College former students are now among the most influential personalities in France. The reputable college is supported by automakers such as Peugeot and incorporates some of the finest dynamometer ("dyno") test cell technology and emissions equipment available today.

The testing of TVT lubricants and fuel additives started in November 2009 and will continue into springtime 2010. Preliminary testing was initiated by private funding and will not be available for publication. However, the continued testing will be funded by Green Star Products and will be available upon completion.

Green Star is very interested in expanding its product sales in the European Union where, unlike the United States, diesel engines are commonly used in automobiles such as Peugeot and Volkswagen. Green Star has only concentrated in commercial diesels such as Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Cummings, in the United States. For a related story, see press release dated January 27, 2010, and titled "Green Star Reduces Fuel Consumption on Greek Maritime Cruise Ship." (

The Sadi-Carnot College will help acquire fuel efficiency and emissions data using Green Star Products' TVT Products Line on diesel engines that are used in the European Union.

Ambassador Jacques Bernière hosted Joseph LaStella, President of Green Star, during his visit to the college. The local newspaper in Saumur covered the event and reviewed Green Star's technology and the company's potential to solve current environmental and energy problems. Please see for a copy and translation of the French article.

The translated article states, "Joseph LaStella has more the appearance of a peaceful retired gentleman than of a businessman whose company seems to have a promising future. This engineer by training worked for one of the largest U.S. utility companies before taking his retirement at the age of 38 and dedicating his life henceforth to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"'My research,' Mr. LaStella says, 'showed that the planet is in danger and in some instances [the damage may be] irreversible. Currently, it's like we were performing a full scale experiment [on the planet] without knowing what the outcome will be. If we do not change things, we will be in no position to come back to the original point [of natural balance on Earth].'"

The article also states, "The objective of our research is [to develop] biotechnology and fuels. Our goal is to use our innovative technologies to reduce petroleum consumption and CO2 emissions. And after ten years, results seem to converge [in the concept of a biorefinery complex to produce biofuels and other useful products]."

The article further states, "Mr. LaStella [believes] very much in algae [technology]. [Algae] represent an enormous potential that can solve all the Earth's energy problems. [Algae] breed like bacteria and feed on CO2 and then release oxygen. [Algae are also quite] happy with saltwater or brackish water. [The company can] produce 37,000 liters of [biodiesel] per hectare per year [from microalgae]; and with the second generation of algae [technology] [it] will near the 100,000 liters per hectare [per year mark]."

The TVT Product Line could be a tremendous opportunity for industries to reduce their emissions, smoke and fuel consumption. By cutting down petroleum use, industries could also reduce their carbon footprint [CO2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions], which may qualify them for international carbon credits that were approved at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, attended by President Barack Obama.

In conclusion, Green Star is excited about coordinating its future research with the Sadi-Carnot College to provide additional evidence on engines not previously tested with the TVT Product Line. Again, Green Star would like to publicly give thanks to Mr. Jacques Bernière and the Sadi-Carnot College for this opportunity; and to Mr. Nicolas Thellier from the newspaper Le Courrier de l'Ouest for his kind attention to Green Star. Please see original French article with pictures and translation at and

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