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April 06, 2011 12:40 ET

Green Star Products New Product Line Spurs Industry Interest

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - April 6, 2011) - Green Star Products, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GSPI) new product line was debuted at the Safari Club International Fundraiser event on March 12, 2011. See press release titled "Green Star Products and Eco Solutions Debut 'Italian Gun Grease'" ( Since the debut, the 'Italian Gun Grease' (IGG) product line has created major interest among sportsmen, hunting dealers, competitive firearms enthusiasts and military weapons experts.

On April 5, 2011, the Italian Gun Grease formula was again showcased at the Maywood Sportsmen's Club in Elmhurst, Illinois. This is an annual banquet with an attendance of 250 people who expressed their interest and excitement over the new product line.

Many organizations are testing the IGG product line. Recently, one expert who builds high tech long range specialty rifles tested the 'Italian Gun Grease' formula. Each of his rifles is tested on a 1,000 meter firing range. Before delivery, these rifles must pass an accuracy test in which a shot group of three rounds is fired at a 10 inch bulls-eye 1,000 meters away. This test requires precision loaded ammunition and is fired through a cold  rifle bore. After using the IGG formula he was able to fire tighter groupings into a 5 inch bulls-eye at 1,000 meters. His comment was, "What the hell is this stuff, [it's] truly amazing." The rifles and ammo used are confidential. It should be noted that reducing a shot group from a 10 inch bulls-eye to a 5 inch bulls-eye is a 75% reduction in surface area of the target.

Green Star has just completed a new demonstration video for IGG illustrating the superior performance of IGG when tested against three leading gun lubricants: Remington (Rem Gun Oil), Winchester (Gun Oil) and Hoppe's (Elite Gun Oil). A first cut of the video was shown to a selected audience in California. The first time viewers of the video were overwhelmed by the superiority of IGG's performance. The test video speaks for itself. The finished video of Italian Gun Grease testing should be available on shortly.

Italian Gun Grease's key improvements are:

  • Increases muzzle velocity, a first for a lubricant, which in turn improves mid-range trajectory, and significantly increases accuracy and grouping of multiple rounds.

  • Despite the ever higher power of modern rifle loads, the lubrication increases barrel life up to five times.

  • Improves the reliability of semi-automatic rifles and pistols by dramatically reducing friction on all moving action parts.

  • In rough or extreme field conditions sand particles can adhere to existing lubrication and cause untimely jams or misfires. Our "super dry" lubrication formula addresses this specific problem by giving particles nothing to stick on. In desert conditions this could make a real difference for our troops. One of Eco Solutions' goals is to have the US military adopt IGG, especially for dangerous desert combat conditions.

If you are interested in purchasing or retailing 'Italian Gun Grease' (or other TVT products), please contact Justin McConnell at Eco Solutions Group, Inc. (

For more information on Green Star's other advanced lubrication additives and coatings visit the Innovasol website ( For further information about Green Star's TVT products and biorefinery technologies please refer to the press release titled "Green Star Products Signs Contract to Expand TVT Production" (

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