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March 18, 2010 15:03 ET

Green Wave Energy Announces Distribution Partnership With West African Conglomerate

Solar-Wind Powered World Light Pole Delivers Light and Power Off-the-Grid in West Africa

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2010) -  Green Wave Energy Corporation (GWEC), a Newport Beach-based energy engineering think tank and manufacturer of self-sufficient energy producing products, today announced a multi-million dollar exclusive distributor agreement for three years with New York City-based Londex, an import and export company that provides renewable energy to Nigeria and other parts of West Africa that lack sufficient infrastructure.

"Green Wave Energy's renewable energy powered World Light Pole™ provides a source of light and power in international locations that traditionally have gone without power," said Mark Holmes, CEO of Green Wave Energy. "Our cooperative agreement goes beyond foreign investing; it is the first step in helping power the underdeveloped world with clean, affordable and solar-wind renewable energy."

Londex operates on behalf of S.A. Resources Support Services, which is a non-governmental entity dedicated to improving the energy and electrical infrastructure of West African countries. "The partnership we now have with Green Wave Energy is an important step in developing and distributing alternative energy and technologies throughout West Africa," says Londex representative Endy Eke. "This is an essential relationship for the greater good of West Africa."

The Green Wave Solar-Wind Light Poles™ are completely self-sufficient and powered by both solar and wind energy. They are supported by an energy storage system that can be installed and will work practically anywhere. Additionally, they feature a combination of solar-wind technologies that deliver consistent electrical power to the Pole's off-the-grid locations where people have never had power before.

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Green Wave Energy Corporation (GWEC) is a Newport Beach-based energy engineering think tank and manufacturer of self-sufficient energy producing products. GWEC also produces a variety of renewable energy products including wind turbines, wave generators, water current turbines, and combination products (solar/wind/battery storage) for the US and global markets. For more information about the company and its products, visit

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