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April 23, 2006 18:40 ET

Green With iKarma: iKarma Founders Purchase Renewable Energy Credits to Offset 100% of Company's Electricity Use With Clean Wind Power

JUPITER, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 23, 2006 -- In honor of Earth Day, iKarma Inc. (OTC: IKMA), founders Paul Williams and Scott Pitchford have contracted with Renewable Choice Energy, Inc. to purchase renewable energy credits to offset energy use by iKarma's CEO and President are proud to contribute so that iKarma can join Whole Foods Market®, Sprint, Johnson & Johnson and other fine companies who currently purchase energy credits to offset their use of fossil fuels.

"Because the social costs of using fossil fuel are not fully reflected in its price, corporations have been faced with the dilemma of choosing between energy that is good for profits but bad for people, and energy that is good for people but bad for profits," says Paul Williams, CEO of iKarma Inc. "This can be very frustrating to responsible corporations who often understand they are paying shareholders dividends from cheap energy, that will likely be taken back tenfold in the form of higher taxes to cover military spending to defend oil lines, and higher health care costs from political stress, pollution and smog."

"When we looked into the cost of wind energy credits for iKarma ( we discovered the cost difference between clean wind energy and traditional power was almost insignificant," says iKarma President Scott Pitchford. "We decided that the easiest way to fulfill both our corporate and social responsibilities was for Paul and I to purchase the wind credits personally for the corporation we direct. We encourage all corporate officers, and shareholders, to join us in giving back a small percent of the financial gains we've all made from cheap but dirty energy. By taking some personal responsibility for this problem, we can achieve far greater returns for ourselves and for society as a whole."

Clean Wind Energy

The process by which the wind is turned into mechanical power or electricity is called "wind energy" or "wind power." Wind turbines are used to convert the wind's energy into mechanical power. That mechanical power can then be used for specific tasks (such as pumping water), or converted by a generator into electricity that powers homes, businesses, schools, etc. Renewable Choice Energy Inc. is recognized as a leader in wind power development and marketing. The 3000 monthly kilowatt-hour credits purchased for iKarma are designed to avoid 48,000 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution. According to calculations by Renewable Choice Energy, this is roughly equivalent to not driving over 51,600 mile or not burning 25,200 pounds of coal. Businesses and individuals can learn more about clean energy choices by visiting

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