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May 01, 2013 11:30 ET

GreenButton Releases Updated Software Development Kit and New REST API

Managing Big Compute Workloads in the Cloud Just Got Easier

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - May 1, 2013) - GreenButton™, the leading provider of compute intensive and integrated on-demand cloud solutions, today announced the availability of its new and improved software development kit (SDK). The GreenButton SDK makes it easier for developers to customize and extend the power of GreenButton's Cloud Fabric platform, to cloud-enable high performance computing (HPC), cloud bursting and big data workloads.

"There is a tendency to grossly underestimate the effort involved in developing and commercializing cloud projects," said Dave Fellows, CTO for GreenButton. "Our goal here is to empower developers and provide a low-risk and minimum effort entry point to leverage cloud computing resources for scale out workloads. This is the easiest way to get Big Compute workloads running on multiple clouds."

"I'd recommend the GreenButton software development kit to developers who have targeted HPC workloads," said Sandy Bugai, Senior Software Engineer at Bentley Systems. "The API is very easy to use."

The new SDK gives developers the ability to specify how their applications or workloads should scale in the cloud and includes simpler abstractions for enabling Big Compute workloads and Big Data to run in the cloud. The simple process typically takes a few hours to get something running in the cloud, scaling across thousands of cores. In addition, the SDK can be used by system integration partners to cloud-enable their customers -- it's a very unique way of defining any workload to run in the cloud. It is also integrated into familiar developer environments such as Visual Studio.

GreenButton's SDK is built on a fully documented REST API and includes documentation, code samples on GitHub, resources and tools to help developers build on the Cloud Fabric platform. Benefits include:

  • White-labeled offering: Software Vendors can rapidly cloud-enable their applications -- without having to port the entire application to the cloud -- and deliver a white labeled capability to their users.
  • Comprehensive toolset: Sophisticated and customizable data synchronization (GreenButton CloudSync), multi-cloud management and governance tools (GreenButton Mission Control) to manage an end-to-end capability.
  • Simple REST API: Modern and well-designed REST API for easy integration with applications and systems.
  • Leverage multiple cloud platforms: enable once to run on any supported cloud and burst workloads between private and public clouds. Supported cloud platforms include Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMware vCloud and OpenStack.
  • Optimized Developer Experience: An emulator simulates components of the GreenButton platform on the developer's local machine.

GreenButton SDK Gets Great Results

In the beta phase, a Fortune 500 manufacturer enabled one of their complex simulations to run on the cloud in two days. This workload took three hours to run on 156 cores with their legacy implementation and couldn't scale beyond due to a database bottleneck. With GreenButton it was run in 10 minutes on 1100 cores and took advantage of GreenButton CloudSync to rapidly synchronize their relational data to highly scalable cloud storage and insert the resulting outputs.

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