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November 26, 2013 11:31 ET

Greene Concepts, Inc. Provides Current Status Update on InkWay USA Launch and InkWay USA President Position

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 26, 2013) -  Greene Concepts, Inc. (OTC Pink: LKEN) CEO, Lenny Greene, provides update on the current InkWay USA Launch and the InkWay USA President position. 

Greene Concepts, Inc. is moving ever-closer towards its InkWay USA grand opening and launch with final revisions to ensure appropriate security, function, and encryption functionality with its sales commission and synergy distributor pools. 

Mr. Greene states, "It was our sincerest hope to launch InkWay USA by the end of November. However, the Synergy Distributor compensation plan is revolutionary in consumer direct network marketing which is requiring more testing to ensure proper function and commissions. We have uploaded all of the 5,500 products into the retail webpages and have launched the Vista Print online merchandise store. We are working to ensure all five Synergy commission levels get routed back to the appropriate entity according to the appropriate synergy distributor pool."

"The retail and distributor replicated webpages are programmed and integrated, requiring launch of both platforms simultaneously. The sales commissions for 5,500 products and appropriating the correct synergy distributor and downline payments has to be coded in the same script and launched at the same time. Our web product entails credit card payments, commissionable sales, synergy distribution, and downlines. Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes to complete all of the scripts exceeds the time available in this month. This includes extra validation of the webpage security in a volatile world of cyber security. Our web team programmers continue to run tests and make updated changes late into every night to provide the best platform possible for our distributors."

"We will continue to provide progression updates to the public until the Grand Opening, Launch and software release occurs. You will see the true power and value of the InkWay USA webpages soon, but we absolutely cannot release a less than perfect system. The websites are nearing completion and will be released soon. Our new Vista Print marketing page ( illustrates the branding we are using to make the public more aware of our ink solutions and toner solutions. We thank all of you for your continued trust and patience. Please attend our weekly conference calls and Webinar to ask questions pertaining to Inkway USA and its e-commerce websites."

The schedule is posted below:

Training/Notification Calls: Every Thursday at 3 PM EST and8 PM EST
Number to call in is:

1-559-726-1300 Pin # 930034

Note: Happy Thanksgiving-no conference calls Thanksgiving this week.

Saturday we will do a webinar at 12 Noon EST at the link below.

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We look forward to serving you and your guests with as much information needed to help our friends make smart educated decisions on where they buy their ink and toner in the future as well as how to have their own ink and toner business.

You can also watch these 3 Videos that tell you the InkWay USA story:

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InkWay USA Chief Executive Officer Coaching Video 

Mr. Greene continues, "Many of you have asked about the current status of Duane Noble, who served as the president of InkWay USA. Duane Noble spent two years collaborating with me on my 30-year quest to revolutionize the way the world uses ink. Mr. Noble is no longer with our company as he is pursuing new business opportunities. We wish him the best in the future." InkWay USA will transform Greene Concepts into a consumer direct network marketing organization that not only strengthens consumer selection in the marketplace but also provides economic relief for many people through the InkWay USA Synergy Distribution Program. InkWay USA is preparing for the next phase of company growth beyond development and pre-launch and we have hired Robert 'The Blakester' Blakely as the InkWay USA Director of Distributor Success."

"Robert comes to InkWay USA with over 20 years of leadership and team building development skills as well as experience building market presence and driving revenue growth with newly developed products. He has years of consulting experience with several well-known network marketing companies. He will serve as a team leader and trainer on the Synergy platform. Robert has been a pioneer in the identification of break-through technologies and products. He has combined this with state-of-the-art sales techniques in the world of consumer direct network marketing supporting maximum sales performance. We plan to utilize his experience in helping to make InkWay USA a household name and a business of choice, thus creating value to our company, to our distributors, and to our shareholders."

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InkWay USA ( is a consumer direct marketing ink and toner technology Distribution Company. We market and sell over 1000 advanced and exceptional proprietary ink and toner "Do It Yourself" Refilling Systems and other products for all inkjet and toner cartridges. Marketing, sales, and fulfillment for retail products are coordinated at its offices in Fresno, CA. Consumers and businesses save thousands of dollars annually buying our products. INKWAY USA will also compete in the global market place by marketing and signing distributors in Europe, The Pacific Rim, and Asia. InkWay USA is now ready to grow exponentially with their soon-to-be released proprietary Synergy Distributor Program (SDP) and take a large stake in the over $70 billion per year ink and toner industry through an unparalleled, innovative marketing strategy that utilizes virtually no competition -- all while offering unmatched cost savings and product quality for individual ink and toner consumers and large businesses alike.

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