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October 02, 2013 09:45 ET

Greene Concepts, Inc. Signs Contract With Koopedia to Drive Online Sales via Social Marketing Promotions

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 2, 2013) - Greene Concepts, Inc. (OTC Pink: LKEN) CEO, Lenny Greene, announces today that the company has signed a contract with Koopedia to market its' INK-Telligence by InkWay USA brand to a wider audience.

Through the social marketing company Koopedia, AccuBrite, Inc. (the manufacturing arm of Greene Concepts), will offer discounted, quality ink solutions to the masses through its new INK-Telligence product line. Koopedia offers Greene Concepts the opportunity to reach customers via a giving first posture, i.e., offering a discount.

INK-Telligence is the first "no mess" inkjet refilling system invented to fill a niche in an effort to combat the exorbitant and ever-soaring prices of the ink cartridge market. The focus of the brand is to target the retail sales market using smaller refill units. INK-Telligence offers convenience and cost-savings ink refill solutions for private home-users and businesses of all sizes.

Mr. Greene states, "We are very happy to partner with Koopedia to offer our INK-Telligence brand as a long-term, cost-saving ink solution for the marketplace. Koopedia values quality products and selects only approved merchants within its lineup. They understand why people buy things and what the needs of small businesses are." Mr. Greene continues, "We plan to maximize this relationship for the benefit of our consumers and to help better establish a marketplace presence for our INK-Telligence product brand. Koopedia's core values include: preparedness, employee notification, discount planning, superior product and customer service, and effective follow-up strategies. Greene Concepts holds these same values for maximizing the customer experience." 

"Additionally," states Mr. Greene, "We will grow Greene Concepts by leveraging the power of the masses and daily deals which increases our market awareness. We plan to leverage this power by marketing our products in distinctive ways that resonate with the public. A recent 2012 study shows that 73% of consumers want to be told a unique story, not just sold to.1 With the help of Koopedia we can tell our unique story to the world in a new and exciting way."

Koopedia is a socially driven marketing engine that facilitates the engagement of consumers via promotions. Koopedia's mission is to connect like minded businesses with the community and nation in a manner that is truly beneficial to all involved. Koopedia continues to innovate the status-quo for online marketing and advertising while mandating a fair market environment for both consumers and merchants. The key driving motivation is its mission to educate and liberate entrepreneurs with the ultimate catalyst, the neutralization of fear and greed through openly sharing resources and information for the greater advancement of the overall entrepreneurial spirit.

Additional information about the company is available at:

1A 2012 U.S. study conducted by Adobe Systems Incorporated about new insights into the beliefs of consumers and professional marketers entitled "The State of Online Advertising" is available below at:

Greene Concepts, Inc. is an ink technology Manufacturing and Distribution Company headquartered in Fresno, CA. Chairman and Founder Lenny Greene has spent the past 30 years serving the printing needs of businesses and consumers. Greene Concepts intends to be the catalyst for the introduction of a number of innovative products and marketing strategies and to bring the world the best products at the lowest prices so consumers and business can save time, save money, print more and print better.

AccuBrite, Inc. creator of FreeInk4Life™, Refills4You™, INKWAY USA™ and INK-Telligence™ has developed a family of 25 "Do It Yourself Ink Cartridge Refilling Systems." All refilling tools, accessories, filling stations, interactive CD-Rom instruction manual including bonus software, 24/7 customer service / tech support and unlimited ink refills are available. Consumers can now save thousands of dollars annually without replacing their inkjet cartridges using ABI's top of the line refill kits. AccuBrite, Inc. is the manufacturing arm of Greene concepts, Inc.

INKWAY USA is a consumer direct marketing ink and toner technology Distribution Company. We market and sell over 1000 advanced and exceptional proprietary ink and toner "Do It Yourself" Refilling Systems and other products for all inkjet and toner cartridges. Marketing, sales, and fulfillment for retail products are coordinated at its offices in Fresno, CA. Consumers and businesses save thousands of dollars annually buying our products. INKWAY USA will also compete in the global market place by marketing and signing distributors in Europe, The Pacific Rim, and Asia. InkWay USA is now ready to grow exponentially with their soon- to-be released proprietary Synergy Distributor Program (SDP) and take a large stake in the over $70 billion per year ink and toner industry through an unparalleled, innovative marketing strategy that utilizes virtually no competition -- all while offering unmatched cost savings and product quality for individual ink and toner consumers and large businesses alike.

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