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October 09, 2013 09:40 ET

Greene Concepts, Inc. Spotlights Current Accomplishments With the InkWay USA Grand Opening and Launch

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 9, 2013) - Greene Concepts, Inc. (OTC Pink: LKEN) CEO, Lenny Greene, provides additional insights regarding the status of the InkWay USA Grand Opening and Launch.

Greene Concepts, Inc. will soon be launching its Synergy Distributor Program (SDP) from its InkWay USA division. The main product of InkWay USA is the no-mess inkjet refill system valued at $1,200 worth of color and black inkjet cartridge refills. The SDP program involves the use of consumer direct relationship marketing to not only share the product quality and cost saving solutions with consumers and businesses of all sizes, but also to provide a fantastic business/revenue generating opportunity. Through SDP, consumers and/or business entities can become a distributor of InkWay USA and earn revenue five different ways through synergy commissions.

Mr. Greene states, "I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know what is currently going on with the InkWay USA launch. I know that most of you have wondered why the launch process has taken as long as it has. We set out to offer our distributors the perfect platform to maximize their business opportunities which included linking over 5,500 products to our webpages for sales and distribution. This also included the development of interactive webpages including videos to promote the products, explain the compensation program, and offer solutions that meet the needs of all customers our distributors might come across. At the same time, we developed a new and exciting business concept that revolves around synergy commissions. This has not been seen with other companies and distributors. Each of these developments has taken considerable time and monetary resources."

"Our initial goal was to launch the SDP program earlier this year; however, we ran into various difficulties behind the scenes in developing our distributor retail and our distributor back office webpages. Although we did not anticipate the challenges that we faced, we are pleased to say we have now overcome those challenges and will be fully launched by November of this year."

Mr. Greene continues, "Our shareholders, founders, and distributors have been very patient with us and we believe that the opportunities presented with the InkWay USA SDP program will reward everyone. We want to be a company that people trust and that legitimizes its position through concrete results, measurements, and accomplishments. We also want everyone to know that we want to be a company that meets its objectives. The upcoming InkWay USA Grand opening and website launch coupled with the many positive and exciting plans for our AccuBrite division, make Greene Concepts a company to stand by. We have had our struggles and are aware that many of you have struggled with us while still supporting us as a company. We value each and every one of you. Your trust and steadfast faith in us will not go unnoticed. We will continue to implement improved quality business practices, achieve actionable results and outcomes, and increase our brand awareness with the goal of increased profits and revenues. All of you are crucial to our growth and I look forward to growing as a company with each and every one of you. We are ready to rock the world and let them know who we are."

Mr. Greene concludes noting, "To confirm our improved company direction, Greene Concepts has developed a new mission statement that will shortly be placed on our main company webpage ( along with other updates. 'Greene Concepts' mission is delivering forward-thinking avenues for businesses and consumers to achieve their goals and aspirations using the highest levels of quality-based, price-valued, environmental-friendly, innovative solutions available in the marketplace today, tomorrow, and beyond."

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Greene Concepts, Inc. ( is an ink technology Manufacturing and Distribution Company headquartered in Fresno, CA. Chairman and Founder Lenny Greene has spent the past 30 years serving the printing needs of businesses and consumers. Greene Concepts intends to be the catalyst for the introduction of a number of innovative products and marketing strategies and to bring the world the best products at the lowest prices so consumers and business can save time, save money, print more and print better.

AccuBrite, Inc. ( creator of FreeInk4Life™, Refills4You™, InkWay USA™ and INK-Telligence™ has developed a family of 25 "Do It Yourself Ink Cartridge Refilling Systems." All refilling tools, accessories, filling stations, interactive CD-Rom instruction manual including bonus software, 24/7 customer service / tech support and unlimited ink refills are available. Consumers can now save thousands of dollars annually without replacing their inkjet cartridges using ABI's top of the line refill kits. AccuBrite, Inc. is the manufacturing arm of Greene concepts, Inc.

InkWay USA ( is a consumer direct marketing ink and toner technology Distribution Company. We market and sell over 5,500 advanced and exceptional proprietary ink and toner "Do It Yourself" Refilling Systems and other products for all inkjet and toner cartridges. Marketing, sales, and fulfillment for retail products are coordinated at its offices in Fresno, CA. Consumers and businesses save thousands of dollars annually buying our products. InkWay USA will also compete in the global market place by marketing and signing distributors in Europe, The Pacific Rim, and Asia. InkWay USA is now ready to grow exponentially with their soon-to-be released proprietary Synergy Distributor Program (SDP) and take a large stake in the over $70 billion per year ink and toner industry through an unparalleled, innovative marketing strategy that utilizes virtually no competition -- all while offering unmatched cost savings and product quality for individual ink and toner consumers and large businesses alike.

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