November 28, 2007 13:00 ET

Greener days ahead for Canadian golfers

Parmaster’s indoor golf greens ideal for practicing year round

Attention: Business/Financial Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor, Sports Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Nov. 28, 2007) - The chip and putt are two of the most important strokes in golf which only get better with practice. Parmasters Golf Training Centers make it possible to practice these strokes year round in their indoor golf centres.

Just ask players such as Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Mike Weir and they'll tell you that improvement only comes through consistent training and practice. Few ever imagine reaching their playing level, but concede that any improvement would be a step in the right direction.

Whether professional, experienced, casual or new, all golfers agree with the old adage, that "practice makes perfect." And yet, it's actually perfect practice that makes perfect. And that means training in the ideal conditions. What's challenging for the average golfer is finding the time and place to practice year round.

"It's no wonder that professionals putt well when many of them, such as Vijay Singh, have professionally designed golf greens right in their own backyard," says Parmasters Chief Golf Professional and Co-Founder, Scott Hazledine. "To have one of these would be any golfer's dream."

"Having a surface this good to practice on is incredible," says Vijay Singh, 2004 PGA champion. "[It]… performs like a tour green."

The putting greens are so realistic and play like real greens that a golfer can play the same stroke that's used on real grass. "We've found that pros and amateurs can greatly improve their putting strokes by being able to rely on consistent putts with a "true roll" from every position on the green," says Weston Weber, founder and owner of Southwest Putting Greens Technologies, Inc.

Over 25 PGA pros own these putting greens, and it is these same, quality greens that Parmasters are installing in each of their 12,000 to 15,000 square-feet golf centres, beginning with Canada's first Parmasters centre which opens early 2008 in Edmonton. Another 12 golf training centers and 20 Links Golf Cafes will follow in the spring.

"Not only is Parmasters 'the ultimate golf training and practice facility,' they make learning, practicing and playing golf fun," says Andre Ferris, Canadian Regional Franchisor of Parmasters Golf Training Centers. "As I speak with people across Canada about this opportunity, it's exciting to hear their enthusiasm and anticipation for the centres to open."

Parmasters is the world's first year-round indoor golf training centre franchise that literally guarantees results and is currently establishing itself in the Canadian market. And with over 30 franchises already awarded in Canada, and only opportunities in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec, to be sold, finding a location close to home shouldn't be too difficult.

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