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July 16, 2015 07:00 ET

Greenhouse Partners With Sokanu to Help Employers Make Informed Hiring Decisions Faster

Latest Integration Enables Greenhouse Customers to Leverage Sokanu's Assessment Tests to Advance the Most Qualified Candidates

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2015) - Greenhouse Software, the leading recruiting optimization platform, today announced details of its new integration with Sokanu, using data to help job candidates find the perfect career. Through this partnership, Greenhouse users gain access to Sokanu's industry-leading assessment tests, helping them to make more informed, science-based hiring decisions.

Companies today perform rigorous due diligence when making important financial decisions, relying on outside resources and performing sophisticated risk analyses and models. However, when making crucial human capital decisions, they often neglect to take a similar risk-minded, analytical focus. As a result, they may struggle to evaluate their job candidates effectively, spending a great deal of time searching through resumes and interviewing people who are less than qualified. By partnering with Sokanu, Greenhouse enables employers to access the company's advanced assessment platform, which uses psychometric science to determine a candidate's job fit and likelihood of success in the role.

Through this integration, employers can leverage the Sokanu assessment platform and prioritize their candidates directly inside the Greenhouse platform. By sending branded self-assessments to their applicants at the optimal stage of the recruitment process and then filtering those applicants automatically, employers benefit from a streamlined evaluation process. As a result, they can identify the best candidates faster, all through a single-brand user experience.

Additional benefits of Greenhouse's integration with Sokanu include:

  • In-depth evaluations: Through Sokanu's technology, employers can better define what they're looking for in a candidate, while identifying the qualities of top performers in order to hire individuals with similar traits.
  • Improved candidate experience: Delivering a fun, positive and company-branded assessment is only one part; following the assessment, candidates receive a detailed personality report, whether they are offered a job or not. This enables a more positive experience with the company and greater insight into their career options, while showing appreciation for the time candidates spend applying.
  • Unlimited candidate matching: The Greenhouse-Sokanu integration offers the ability to sort candidates regardless of the position to which they applied, enabling employers to determine that a candidate may be a better fit for a different position.
  • Richer candidate data: Greenhouse will post each candidate's Sokanu score for recruiters and enable interviewers to see the candidate's complete Sokanu profile. This allows them to dig deep and assess how the individual will truly fit in with the company.

"Today's recruiters and hiring managers often spend an unnecessary amount of time digging through resumes, only to find that the people they advance aren't always the best choice," said Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse. "By integrating with Sokanu, we can help companies adopt the process efficiencies to greatly speed up how they identify the best candidates, using science-based assessments to make the most informed decisions possible.

"Sokanu was developed to improve the hiring process on the employer side, while providing a more insightful and rewarding experience for candidates," said Spencer Thompson, CEO of Sokanu. "We are excited to partner with Greenhouse, which will enable a larger number of employers to improve their hiring practices by leveraging the in-depth intelligence and unprecedented data our solution delivers."

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About Sokanu
Sokanu is a career matching platform dedicated to helping people find their perfect career. Located in Vancouver, Canada - Sokanu leverages a database of over 100M career questions answered to determine the best "fit" between an individual and a role. Sokanu was founded by Spencer Thompson and works with the UK Government, Zenefits, Redfin and others to bring career matching science to their hiring practices.

About Greenhouse
Greenhouse Software is a recruiting optimization platform that helps companies source, interview and hire the best talent. Located in San Francisco and New York City, Greenhouse was founded by Daniel Chait and Jon Stross. Greenhouse currently works with companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, Riot Games and more. To learn more or request a demo visit