April 27, 2016 08:05 ET

GreenIQ Now Works With Nest

Nest Protect and GreenIQ Hub Work Together to Help Minimize Potential Concerns Around Smoke Events

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - Apr 27, 2016) - IoT startup and smart irrigation controller, GreenIQ, announced today that its GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub now works with the Nest Protect smoke + carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. If Nest Protect detects smoke, the GreenIQ Hub will automatically activate the sprinkler system. This integration can help bring more peace of mind around potential smoke events in your home. Additionally, if Nest Protect detects an emergency, the GreenIQ Hub will flash the outdoor lighting to help warn you and your neighbors.

Each year more than 2,500 people lose their lives and 12,600 are injured in home fires in the United States, with direct property loss due to home fires estimated at $7.3 billion annually. While keeping you and your loved ones safe is paramount, protecting your neighbor from the threat of fire is equally important, especially when you can be liable for the damage if negligent or at fault.

The Nest Protect and GreenIQ Hub integration can help homeowners feel more comfortable knowing that at the sign of smoke, the two products will seamlessly work together to automatically activate a 20-minute watering cycle across all surrounding sprinkler zones. The GreenIQ Hub can also be programmed to continuously run regardless of Nest Protect's status, to help saturate all surrounding areas.

"It has always been our mission to help make gardens smarter and allow people to feel more connected to their green spaces," said Odi Dahan, founder and CEO of GreenIQ. "Our integration with Nest is taking it one step further by not only helping our customers save money and conserve water, but also helping to decrease any anxiety people may have about potential fires."

Other key GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub benefits include:

  • Greater Control - Managing one to several irrigation systems, GreenIQ gives customers the freedom to remotely control their watering schedules, whether that is for their own sweeping landscapes or for larger green spaces like business campuses or golf courses.

  • Determine Ideal Watering Conditions - Made possible by GreenIQ's connected garden ecosystem, customers can automatically adjust irrigation schedules based on hyper-localized weather information from Netatmo's Weather Station and Rain Gauge as well as soil moisture and plant sensor data from Parrot's Flower Power, Koubachi and/or PlantLink.

  • Useful Insights - Through an easy-to-use dashboard and mobile app, customers can monitor and gain key insights about their green spaces, such as a potential leakage or insufficient water flow.

Retailing at MSRP $199.00, the Smart Garden Hub, 6-Zone, Wi-Fi irrigation controller is available online at The Home Depot or directly through GreenIQ.

About GreenIQ
Founded in 2013, GreenIQ is an Internet of Things (IoT) startup that is leading the smart garden revolution. Ideal for home owners, professional gardeners, irrigation companies, commercial real estate and municipalities, GreenIQ's Smart Garden Hub allows garden lovers and professionals to better control irrigation scheduling based on hyper-local weather information, saving up to 50% on outdoor water consumption. Easy to install, the Hub connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G, allowing it to be remotely controlled anywhere at any time via GreenIQ's app -- available on Android and iOS. The Hub provides a full ecosystem for the outdoors, connecting to a wide variety of smart devices and sensors, including soil moisture sensors from Parrot's Flower Power, Koubachi to PlantLink as well as Netatmo's Weather Station and Rain Gauge, to determine ideal watering conditions. GreenIQ also works with IFTTT, allowing iOS and Android customers to set rules using GreenIQ IFTTT Recipes or personalize their own recipes to create automated triggers and commands to control their entire connected garden domain. GreenIQ is backed by Entree Capital and Gigi Levy among other investors, and its Hub was recognized for the Best of CES 2015 award.