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April 03, 2013 08:10 ET

Greenleaf Medical's Award-Winning Patented Appethyl™ Found to Show Prebiotic Effects

Appethyl™ Shown to Have Prebiotic Effects in Addition to Reducing Appetite and Serum Glucose Levels

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwired - Apr 3, 2013) - Greenleaf Medical's continuous study of patented spinach extract, Appethyl™, has shown this appetite suppressant supplement to also have prebiotic effects.

Quickly becoming a trifecta, Greenleaf Medical's Appethyl™ is reuniting consumers with their gut flora -- bacteria that live in the digestive tract and that are vital for proper digestion. Gut flora composition can affect many processes in a body, including weight, genetic expression, immunological responses and metabolism. Providing substrates for "good" or beneficial gut flora species through prebiotics can help by increasing the number of helpful bacteria.

In addition to reducing food intake and serum glucose levels, a recent animal trial utilizing Appethyl™ found that it produced positive prebiotic effects; the novel results of this animal study were recently published in the Journal of Nutritional Science.

"Prior to the publication these findings were also the background for a new patent application filed by researchers professor Charlotte Erlanson -- Albertsson and professor Per-Ake Albertsson from Lund University in Sweden and an encouragement for continued research on such a powerful extract," said Anders Struksnes, chief executive officer of Greenleaf Medical. "The current market is flooded with probiotics in the form of yogurt or solely prebiotic supplements, and we are excited to introduce Appethyl™ into the market of metabolic syndrome substances as both an appetite suppressant and source of prebiotic activity."

Appethyl™ is an all-natural spinach extract standardized to thylakoids that can be formulated into food and drinks. Although its primary effect is appetite suppression, Appethyl™ has prebiotic effects in addition to reducing postprandial serum glucose levels. Appethyl™ helps lower high blood glucose, which means lower insulin spikes as a response.

Prebiotics increase the growth of good versus bad bacterial strains. The animal study found that by Appethyl's ability to increase the growth of favorable bacteria, the growth of the unfavorable strains are typically decreased. 

Appethyl™ was recognized as the 2013 Nutracon's NutrAward Best New Ingredient. The Greenleaf Medical team coordinates ongoing studies and prepares for future research programs designed to explore the full benefits of Appethyl™.

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Source: Montelius C, Osman N, Wstrom B, Ahrne S, Molin G, Albertsson P-A, Erlanson-Albertsson C. "Feeding of spinach thylakoids to rat modulates the gut microbiota, decreases food intake and affects the insulin response." Journal of Nutritional Science, in press.

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