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December 19, 2013 12:29 ET

GreenShareCar Selects Metavera's Car Sharing Platform as Core Technology for Its Rapidly Expanding Car Sharing Business

Car Sharing Company to Employ Metavera's Car Sharing Platform to Streamline Operations, Enter New Markets, and Enhance Customer Experience

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2013) -  Metavera (Toronto, ON, Canada) and its Car Sharing Platform have been selected by GreenShareCar (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) to underpin the expansion of the car sharing provider's business and its entry into new markets.

"GreenShareCar, a leader in car sharing in Australia, with retail car sharing locations in Melbourne and in Sydney, is rapidly expanding its operations. It is entering the corporate and strata (high density residential community) car sharing markets with three new solutions," said Paul Cummaudo, CEO of GreenShareCar.

QuickFleet™ is GreenShareCar's service for corporate clients, allowing them to retrofit their corporate fleets and manage them more effectively using the same technology that powers their consumer fleet. ExclusiveFleet™ provides fully equipped vehicles to member corporations, which may then extend managed shared car access to their employees, further lowering corporate costs. And StrataFleet™ is designed to meet the needs of medium-to-high density residential developments, allowing them to reduce space devoted to parking while providing their occupants with access to personal vehicle transportation.

Said Mr. Cummaudo, "To support these new services, we need robust, flexible, reliable, cost effective car sharing technology from our experienced and reliable software provider who handles the backend. We need a solution that will easily accommodate our planned growth and fully satisfy our customers. Most importantly, we need a solution that allows us to concentrate on growing our business while someone else manages the technology. Metavera provides all this, as our relationship with them over the last 3 years has proven. So we have, again, selected Metavera as our strategic car sharing solution going forward in the corporate fleet arena..."

Metavera has been providing car sharing technology, using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model for more than a decade to clients in North America and more recently in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. "Having GreenShareCar select us to support their expanding business is exciting to us for several reasons." said Tony Simopoulos, CEO of Metavera. "They were our first client in Australia. We've been committed to them and delighted to see their business succeed on our platform. Their vision of the importance of car sharing, socially, economically, and environmentally, parallels our own. And, aided by forward-thinking legislation in Australia, they are one of the first of our clients to concentrate on the corporate and strata car sharing markets." 

About GreenShareCar

GreenShareCar has established its brand of car sharing service in the last three years in Australia through its consumer on-street car share operations in Melbourne and Sydney. Through car sharing, GreenShareCar not only makes access to vehicles-on-demand more affordable, convenient, and flexible than traditional rental cars, but it delivers a substantial environmental benefit. Fewer cars on the street translate to substantial savings in energy, conservation of land that would be otherwise committed to vehicle storage, and reduction in greenhouse and noxious gases. It is now extending these benefits through its release of its new B2B products. In doing so it is taking on a role similar to traditional vehicle fleet management organizations but utilizing 21 century technology to better manage its customers' pooled vehicle requirements. GreenShareCar is targeting its future growth in this area. It expects to be the leader in car sharing for corporate pooled vehicles and in medium-to-high density property developments where local governments now require car sharing options. For more information visit or email

About Metavera

Metavera is a car sharing technology company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Its products have been adopted in the retail car sharing industry (e.g. ZazCar, Brazil), p2p car sharing (e.g. CarNextDoor, Australia), corporate fleet sharing (e.g. Co-Wheels, UK), and in rental car businesses extending their services into car sharing (e.g. Enterprise CarShare®, USA). Metavera has provided its complete car sharing solutions, utilizing a SaaS (software as a service) model, for over a decade to a rapidly growing number of clients in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. Its solutions can be explored on its website at or by contacting

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