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November 10, 2011 05:00 ET

GreenWave Reality Home Energy Management Solution Receives 2012 CES Innovations Award

Residential Monitoring and Control Platform Selected as Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 10, 2011) - GreenWave Reality, a global innovator in the Smart Home Services market which includes Energy Management, Connected Lighting, and Home Monitoring services, today announced that it has been named an International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree in the Integrated Home Systems category for its Home Energy Management Solution. This prestigious honor is judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade press to recognize excellence in consumer technology. The GreenWave Reality solution delivers a breakthrough consumer experience making it easy to conserve energy, save money and enhance lifestyles. GreenWave Reality extends the power and benefits of the smart grid into residential homes. Consumers can easily monitor and control their energy using a wide range of devices including PCs, smart phones and tablets. The monitoring and control platform is highly-secure and scalable, allowing utilities and service providers to confidently provide these capabilities to a large number of customers.

GreenWave Reality's focus on the consumer begins with a guided, out-of-box experience that includes videos, an energy coach and a range of patent-pending technologies that enable users to quickly get up and running on their own. The GreenWave Reality solution typically includes intelligent power strips (PowerNodes™), a Gateway, a Meter Reader that reports whole home energy consumption, a wireless in-home display, and can be extended to include a number of third party smart thermostats.

Consumers can extend conservation efforts further and simplify their lives by using creating custom Smart Controls for the home. For instance, users can easily create home, away and night smart controls that can be scheduled or executed by the push of a button to turn devices and rooms off and on. These Smart Controls not only reduce energy consumption, but also improve the user lifestyles. In order to keep consumers engaged and motivated in their conservation efforts, GreenWave Reality has also developed an Energy Coach. The Energy Coach personalizes energy conservation by guiding the user through the set-up process, helping the user create and manage budgets and making a series of recommendations to further energy savings. All of these innovations add up to a provide consumers with a comprehensive energy management solution that provides unparalleled ease of use and lifestyle improvements at an affordable price.

GreenWave Reality has also developed an industry-leading Connected Lighting platform which extends the power of the Home Energy Management platform and enables consumers to control their lighting through consumer applications or in-home sensors that detect changes in motion or lighting conditions, all without requiring any rewiring of the home. Consumers can start taking control of their lighting quickly and easily with just a few bulbs and the GreenWave Reality Lighting Remote Control. This touch-activated, handheld device allows consumers to turn lights on and off, or dim them at the touch of a finger. Simply screw in the bulbs and the remote control is ready to turn them on or off, or dim them, without requiring any setup. Consumers can increase the level of lighting control and convenience by adding the GreenWave Reality Lighting Gateway, and using their iPhones, iPads, Android devices or PCs for enhanced functionality either within the home or remotely over WiFi or 3G/4G networks.

Additionally, the GreenWave Reality Monitoring and Control Platform is architected to extend the services provided beyond energy management and connected lighting to include Home Monitoring, Elderly Care and other advanced smart home services.

"GreenWave Reality is extremely proud to have received the 2012 CES Innovations award for our Home Energy Management Solution," said Greg Memo, CEO, GreenWave Reality. "The GreenWave Reality team has worked tirelessly to provide consumers with the easiest, most affordable energy management solution possible that allows them to save money, conserve energy and improve lifestyles."

Based on the ability to extend the value of the smart meters into the homes of consumers, GreenWave Reality was also honored with the Echelon 2011 Innovator of the Year award at the Smart Grid Conference held in October, 2011. Echelon Corporation is the world's leading open-standard energy control networking company whose technologies connect more than 35 million homes. The Echelon Innovator of the Year award spotlights outstanding achievements and commitment in the areas of technology expertise and service specialization that result in new energy efficient services for customers. Participants in the Innovator of the Year awards were judged by both Echelon's Smart Grid Conference attendees and a panel of industry experts, comprised of energy utilities NRGi of Denmark and Vattenfall of Sweden and industry analyst firms Frost & Sullivan and Pike Research.

"GreenWave Reality is honored to be aligned with an industry leader such as Echelon by receiving this prestigious award," said Martin Manniche, Chairman and CTO, GreenWave Reality. "Our solutions deliver great value to consumers by marrying the power of the smart meter with advanced home services, while delivering on the future of the Smart Grid."

GreenWave Reality is implementing its solution with a number of leading global utilities in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. GreenWave Reality will be showcasing its award winning home energy management and connected lighting solutions at the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas, from January 10-13th as well as the CES Unveiled Press Event on January 8th.

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GreenWave Reality is a global innovator in the emerging Smart Home Services market providing products and services that include energy visualization and management, connected lighting, smart heating controls, and lifestyle services such as home monitoring. The GreenWave Reality solution delivers a breakthrough consumer experience making it easy to conserve energy, save money and enhance lifestyles. GreenWave Reality offers a standards-based monitoring and control platform providing tools for utilities and service providers that give increased visibility to energy usage on the grid while strengthening their relationship with consumers. GreenWave Reality is a member of the Z-Wave, ZigBee and IPSO Alliances.

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