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May 07, 2013 14:15 ET

Grid2Home Certified ZigBee IP Implementation Available for Product Integration

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - May 7, 2013) - Grid2Home, a leader in Smart Energy Profile 2.0 (SEP 2.0) communication technologies, today announced that they have achieved ZigBee IP certification, a new standard that will enable the Internet of Things on low powered mesh wireless networks.

"The availability of the ZigBee IP standard is a major milestone in development of the Internet of Things as it leverages standard Internet protocols such as IPv6, 6LoWPAN, PANA, TCP, TLS, and UDP," said Don Sturek, Grid2Home's CTO and Chair of the ZigBee IP Working Group. "ZigBee IP, also called ZIP, is a foundational element of the newly released SEP 2.0 specification for 802.15.4 radio interfaces."

Grid2Home's implementation of the ZigBee IP standard, G2H-ZIP, is available today for porting to a wide range of qualified platforms. The solution integrates seamlessly across the range of embedded Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) to high level Operating Systems such as Linux. The G2H-ZIP solution operates with a multitude of ZigBee silicon solutions making it truly device independent. Its compact size makes its suitable for low cost embedded solutions and its portability allows efficient operation in complex gateways and home servers.

Also available is G2H-SE2 Software, which complies with the newly released SEP 2.0 specification, is interoperable across a wide range of devices and has been ported to multiple hardware platforms and physical layers including Wi-Fi, ZigBee and PLC variants such as G3-PLC and HomePlug-GP. 

About G2H-SE2 Software
The G2H-SE2 Software supports interoperability over wired and wireless networks. Grid2Home delivers complete Smart Energy software solutions that offer ease of integration, as well as hardware and physical layer architectural flexibility. The SEP 2.0 standards-compliant G2H-SE2 Software includes the application support layer, infrastructure services and transport and network layers. G2H-SE2 transport and network protocol layers are designed to allow for maximum flexibility and customization. The G2H-SE2 application support layer provides customers a starting point for developing their end-product applications, reducing the application integration burden and improving time to market. Unlike other solutions, a single G2H-SE2 application will run multiple and different physical layers at the same time. G2H-SE2 services and support facilitate product integration, application development and system test.

About Grid2Home
Grid2Home is a communications software company at the forefront of Smart Grid connectivity technologies. Used across a range of devices such as smart meters, appliances and electric vehicles, the standards-compliant G2H-SE2 Software is portable across all major semiconductor platforms and physical layers including 802.15.4, 802.15.4g, 802.11 and Power Line Communications, allowing maximum product development flexibility and easy integration for Smart Grid device manufacturers. Active in driving Smart Energy Profile (SEP 2.0) communications standards for the Home Area Network (HAN), the Grid2Home management team and board of directors bring an unmatched combination of business savvy and communications protocol expertise to the fast-growing Smart Grid market. For more information see

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