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August 03, 2011 10:00 ET

Grid2Home Participates in the Wi-Fi® Smart Energy Forum

G2H-SE2 Software for Smart Energy Profile 2.0 Demonstrated on Multiple Hardware Platforms and Physical Layers

SAN DIEGO, CA and CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Aug 3, 2011) - Grid2Home, developer of Smart Energy Profile 2.0 (SEP 2) communication technologies, today announced that they participated in the Wi-Fi Alliance® Smart Energy Forum August 2nd and 3rd. During the forum, Grid2Home demonstrated the G2H-SE2 Software operating across multiple major Wi-Fi semiconductor platforms. In addition, Grid2Home Chief Technology Officer, Don Sturek, spoke during the SEP 2 over Wi-Fi panel on August 2.

"We are excited that Grid2Home was invited to participate in the Wi-Fi Alliance Smart Energy Forum," stated Rick Kornfeld, CEO of Grid2Home. "The forum has addressed a pertinent set of topics for developers of smart energy enabling technologies, and has provided an excellent venue for demonstration of the latest and greatest the industry has to offer, such as our G2H-SE2 Software."

The G2H-SE2 Software is interoperable across a wide range of devices, and has been ported to multiple hardware platforms and physical layers including Wi-Fi, ZigBee and PLC variants such as G3-PLC and HomePlug-GP.

"TI is extremely focused on Smart Grid technologies, including ZigBee, PLC and Wi-Fi," said Olivier Monnier, TI's Smart Grid Business Unit Marketing Manager. "The Grid2Home demonstration of SEP 2 software running over multiple physical layers, such as Wi-Fi and G3-PLC, is very exciting and is a significant step forward in ensuring interoperability of these technologies in smart energy applications and the Home Area Network."

While on stage, Grid2Home demonstrated the G2H-SE2 Software's ability to work within a diverse ecosystem including multiple Wi-Fi semiconductor platforms and stacks. During the forum reception, Grid2Home demonstrated the G2H-SE2 Software on several Wi-Fi platforms including the Qualcomm Atheros AR4100 and additional semiconductor reference platforms from Texas Instruments, Marvell and Broadcom.

"SEP 2 is gaining momentum throughout the smart grid ecosystem, where interoperability is key to successful mass deployment," stated Manas Saksena, Senior Director of Technology, Smart-Energy Platforms at Marvell. "The combination of Marvell's Smart-Energy Wi-Fi Microcontroller reference platform with the G2H-SE2 Software, demonstrated here at the Smart Energy Forum, can provide customers with a complete solution for integration into a variety of smart grid enabled systems such as thermostats and appliances."

In addition, the G2H-SE2 Software was demonstrated on a smart plug reference design based on GainSpan's GS1011M Wi-Fi module. This demonstration was successful in showing the combination of the G2H-SE2 Software and GainSpan's Wi-Fi based reference design responding to SEP 2 Demand Response/Load Control events, retrieved from an Energy Service Interface (ESI), by performing functions such as dimming lights.

Bernard Aboussouan, Vice President of Marketing at GainSpan noted, "The G2H-SE2 Software is memory footprint optimized and is able to run on GainSpan's GS1011 ultra-low power Wi-Fi system-on-chip (SOC)."

The G2H-SE2 Software was also demonstrated running on ZigBee semiconductor platforms, as well as the G3 variant of Power Line Communications (PLC), thus demonstrating interoperability across a wide range of hardware platforms and physical layers.

"Qualcomm Atheros is a strong supporter of standard based communications. The Smart Grid, inclusive of SEP 2, is a key element in our Internet of Things activity, supporting the industry's need for scalable IP-based reliable standard products such as Wi-Fi and HomePlug Green PHY, which are shown to natively support these needs at low Energy and low cost. We are pleased to demonstrate Grid2Home's advanced SEP 2 software over our portfolio of technologies, and are excited at the possibilities SEP 2 opens up for the energy management ecosystem," said Adam Lapede, Qualcomm Atheros Senior Director of Product Marketing.

The Wi-Fi® Smart Energy Forum, underway this week at the Hyatt Regency Chicago O'Hare and hosted by the Wi-Fi Alliance, included the first large-scale interoperable demonstration of Wi-Fi SEP 2 implementations. In addition, speakers and panel discussions from across the industry have addressed topics ranging from Home Network Architecture to Neighborhood Networks and Advanced Metering Infrastructure, to Utility Perspectives and Industrial Applications. Dr. George Arnold from NIST delivered a keynote address on Tuesday. More than 100 people from 65 organizations are in attendance, broadly representing the entire ecosystem, from silicon, to software, to utilities and government officials.

"We congratulate Grid2Home on their participation in the Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum SEP 2 Demonstration event," said Wi-Fi Alliance technical director Greg Ennis. "As Wi-Fi continues its momentum in smart energy applications, this demonstration, including the G2H-SE2 Software, is a testament to the industry's readiness for commercial deployment and the technology's suitability for a wide range of smart energy implementations."

About G2H-SE2 Software
The G2H-SE2 Software supports interoperability over wired and wireless networks. Grid2Home delivers complete software solutions that offer ease of integration, as well as hardware and physical layer architectural flexibility. The SEP 2 standards-compliant G2H-SE2 Software includes the application support layer, infrastructure services and transport and network layers. G2H-SE2 transport and network protocol layers are designed to allow for maximum flexibility and customization. The G2H-SE2 application support layer provides customers a starting point for developing their end-product applications, reducing the application integration burden and improving time to market. Unlike other solutions, a single G2H-SE2 application will run multiple and different physical layers at the same time. G2H-SE2 services and support facilitate product integration, application development and system test.

About Grid2Home
Grid2Home is a communications software company at the forefront of Smart Grid connectivity technologies. Used across a range of devices such as smart meters, appliances and electric vehicles, the standards-compliant G2H-SE2 Software is portable across all major semiconductor platforms and physical layers including 802.15.4, 802.15.4g, 802.11 and Power Line Communications, allowing maximum product development flexibility and easy integration for Smart Grid device manufacturers. Active in driving Smart Energy Profile (SEP 2) communications standards for the Home Area Network (HAN), the Grid2Home management team and board of directors bring an unmatched combination of business savvy and communications protocol expertise to the fast-growing Smart Grid market. For more information see

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