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Gridpoint Systems

September 24, 2007 12:42 ET

Gridpoint Systems Participates in Industry First Multi-Vendor PBT Management Tests at World's Largest Carrier Ethernet Demonstration

Planning and fulfillment of traffic engineered tunnels and services across multi-vendor network in seconds further simplifies PBT deployment

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwire - Sept. 24, 2007) - Gridpoint Systems, the leader in PBT traffic engineering solutions, today announced successful testing of multi-vendor PBT management applications at Carrier Ethernet World Congress. These tests, held at the world's largest and most diverse Carrier Ethernet multi-vendor interoperability event, showcase significant improvements in network planning and service fulfillment delivered through Gridpoint Systems' applications.

The interoperability test network hosted by EANTC AG (European Advanced Networking Test Center) includes more than 65 devices from 24 vendors and is the live culmination of the hot staging and evaluation of Carrier Ethernet interoperability conducted in Berlin this August. The management tests focused on demonstrating innovation to further accelerate PBT deployment.

"As highlighted by recent research, traffic engineering is PBT's biggest operational concern," said Stan Hubbard, senior analyst for Heavy Reading. "These successful test results demonstrate how Gridpoint can enable equipment providers, NMS and OSS vendors to further simplify PBT deployment through evolution not revolution."

As part of the network planning tests, Gridpoint Systems' Value Management Suite™ (VMS) was used to model the full, highly interconnected network, which presented more than 50,000 possible routes across the network to form a service. The VMS' embedded Ethernet Path Computation Module (E-PCM), calculated each path in seconds while ensuring it met the bandwidth and defined SLA (Service Level Agreement) requirements, including assumed attributes of latency, jitter, and loss. Diverse backup paths were also calculated ensuring where possible no common resources were used. Service provisioning and activation tests were also conducted using the VMS' PBT tunnel and service management "point and click" interface. Traffic engineered services were created across the multi-vendor network eliminating the entry of hundreds of keystrokes, reducing the provisioning time to seconds and minimizing operator error.

The planning and fulfillment tests conducted demonstrate Gridpoint Systems' innovations in tunnel and service management automation and simplification. These applications will enable operators to: increase PBT deployment velocity; deliver QoS engineered, deterministic resilience; and maximize network resource usage across complex, multi-vendor networks.

"Existing traffic engineering solutions cannot scale to address the complexity of large, multi-vendor, multi-technology or multi-domain networks," said Jim Arseneault, Gridpoint Systems president and chief executive officer. "We are pleased to publicly showcase real-world PBT planning and fulfillment applications whose flexibility has generated significant traction with service providers and equipment, NMS and OSS vendors."

Built on a service oriented architecture (SOA), Gridpoint Systems' traffic planning and fulfillment tools can be integrated into various entities including network nodes, element and network management systems (EMS and NMS) and operational support systems (OSS) based on the application requirement. Using a modular design and open API (applications programming interface), these tools allow technology partners to rapidly embed the application in a variety of architectures, speeding time to market.

To see a live demonstration and learn more about multi-vendor PBT management, visit Gridpoint Systems at the Carrier Ethernet World Congress, Geneva, Switzerland, September 24-28, 2007.

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Gridpoint Systems leads the emerging Connection Oriented Carrier Ethernet traffic engineering solutions market. The company's unique blend of service management, traffic engineering and traffic management fills the void in current PBT solutions enabling the scaling of multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-domain networks. Gridpoint Systems' planning and fulfillment applications can be used by equipment, EMS/NMS and OSS vendors to enable operators to increase deployment velocity, deliver engineered deterministic resilience and maximize network resources for next generation converged optical Ethernet networks.

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