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November 24, 2010 00:01 ET

GRilli3D Revolutionizes 3D Stereo Viewing on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Cutting-Edge Colorado Technology Company Eliminates the Need for 3D Stereo Glasses

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - November 24, 2010) - GRilli3D LLC today unveiled a revolutionary technology that allows Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® users to view 3D-generated content in true 3D stereo format without cumbersome and expensive 3D glasses. GRilli3D offers the very first of a next-generation utility that allows users to enjoy true 3D stereo depth by virtue of applying a simple and inexpensive plastic film to a 3D-enabled device. GRilli3D films are known as "GRillis" and provide exceptional excitement because they are:

1) Smarter & More Convenient -- No more complicated 3D "sunglasses" worn indoors. A simple and easy-to-apply plastic film that changes life forever.

2) Inexpensive -- GRIlli MSRP is $29.99 for iPad® and $14.99 for iPhone® and iPod touch®!

3) Social & Practical -- Because more than one person can simultaneously view 3D Stereo, with no need for special glasses.

GRillis will be available worldwide starting this Friday, November 26th, by simply going to the GRilli3D website: There, you can order your GRilli based on the type of Apple® mobile device you use to view 3D stereo. GRillis also serve as a screen protector when viewing all your other 2D content.

GRillis operate by interposing a series of "Barrier Lines" between the eyes and the projected image, blocking the view of each eye differently and providing the signal separation that result in depth perception at close intervals when used with mobile devices. "GRilli3D really is the first of a new generation of 3D stereo viewing devices that completely eliminates the need for special glasses," said Dwight Prouty, GRilli3D's Inventor and Founding Partner. "Imagine that special moment when friends and colleagues can watch compelling 3D stereo content without the need to go 'incognito.' Well, that time is now! We have studied 3D technology from its inception and created a winning, no-hassle solution. Now we have married that technology to the needs of today's savvy, mobile entertainment and information users. We are very excited about the opportunity to establish relationships with the top distributors and creators of 3D stereo content to redefine the way the world sees 3D stereo."

Pricing & Availability: GRIlli MSRP is $29.99 for iPad® and $14.99 for iPhone® and iPod touch®! Go to to order now.

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