August 18, 2009 04:00 ET

Gripeze: New Hot Hair Tool Accessory Aims to Reduce Number of Children Being Admitted to Hospital Due to Burns

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 18, 2009) -

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A recent poll commissioned by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) shows that only one in 15 mums regard hair straighteners as a hazard. But the CAPT state that there has been an increase in child's burns by 50 per cent in the past 10 years and that this could be attributed to hot irons.

Anecdotal evidence shows that hospitals are seeing increased numbers of children who have injured themselves with hot hair tools, such as straighteners and curling tongs.

A mother of two, concerned about the safety of her own daughters, saw hot hair tools as a danger and was inspired to design a product called Gripeze , to reduce such shocking statistics and lower the risk of burning.

Gripeze is a non slip, heat proof safety mat for hot hair tools and can prevent burning by changing colour when straighteners and curling tongs are hot, giving an advance warning so you know not to touch.

The mat also wraps around the hot tools so they don't need to be left unattended or in reach of children. It also protects surfaces from heat damage up to 250 degrees C.

Maria said: "Small children might not understand or take notice of the changing colour warning but it's there for the mums to see. By being able to wrap up the tongs it gives a safe way to store out of reach and if it prevents one child getting burnt it will be worth it."

The product also grips most surfaces, as well as the hair straighteners and curling tongs, eliminating slippage - a common problem for hot hair tool users.

Maria came up with the idea after the damage caused by her two daughters: "Straighteners kept slipping off the dressing table, scalding the carpet, and my youngest daughter would burn herself after picking them up not knowing they were hot," said Maria. "Since creating the product my daughter has avoided this risk of being burnt.

"Hair straighterners can get as hot as an iron. Users of hot hair tools should treat straighteners like an iron and keep out of children's sight and reach."

Katrina Roberts, chief executive of CAPT, said: "With the rapid pace of modern life and the speed at which children develop, it can be a challenge for parents to stay one step ahead in preventing serious accidents. It's often the small changes that make all the difference. The trick is to make them a habit - like putting your straighteners in the same place out of young children's reach."

But it's not just children that are at risk, Maria comments. "Apart from the very real dangers of burns, hair straighteners also carry a high risk of being the catalyst for a house fire. Rushing out when the taxi arrives on a night out and leaving them on, or being distracted by the kids and the straighteners coming into contact with flammable items, represents a recipe for disaster. We all need to take extra care," said Maria.

Gripeze is available in two colours, striking black and pink, and cost Pounds Sterling 9.99 including postage and packaging. Visit Gripeze for more information or to buy online.

Notes to Editors

Gripeze is manufactured in the UK and is made of a non-combustible material, i.e. silicone rubber which combines an attractive appearance with heat protection. During tests straighteners have been left on all day and found that whilst the surface under the mat was quite warm there was no damage.

The mat grips the tool placed onto it and prevents it slipping off the surface. During tests a surface has been tipped to 30 degrees and the tool has remained gripped to the mat.

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