October 10, 2012 10:45 ET

Grocery Server Launches "GrubFindr", A Cool Facebook App to Help Younger Shoppers Save on Groceries

New Facebook App Aims to Help US College Students Save Money on Groceries Quickly, Socially

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwire - Oct. 10, 2012) - GrubFindr is the latest product released from Grocery Server, the trusted grocery deal search engine creator that showcases flyer specials from over 70,000 stores across every American ZIP code. The Facebook app, now available at, was built to do one job: save young shoppers money on groceries in a timely fashion.

"Shopping for deals is the best way to save money," explains Grocery Server Chairman, Paul Davis, "but it can be an extremely cumbersome process. College Students need speed and results, so we took our huge savings database, wrapped it up in a sleek package, and delivered it via Facebook to every student in America."

When it comes to quick-and-dirty, this deal-finding site certainly delivers. The app takes a single use to learn where you live, where you shop, and what you like to eat. It uses that information to suggest grocery lists full of student-centric items like pizza pops, instant coffee, and grab-and-go snacks. You can quickly edit, add, and search for lists of items at your favorite (or closest) stores. Side-by-side comparative results for two stores are displayed so the user can intuitively decide whether to shop at just one store or both. After selecting the best specials, a final shopping list can be sent by either email or SMS to be taken to the store. It's an easy process, it's simple, it's sweet, and it will save you money on your fave foods and drinks. As the app claims: it's hard being this perfect.

GrubFindr is also super-social, keeping savings at the forefront of the Facebook experience and making it effortless for users to share a great deal with their Facebook friends, or as an example, their favorite shopping list… Friday's Kegger. This may be the only Facebook app on the planet that is built to actually SAVE time and money.

Studies reveal that proper pre-shopping can save shoppers up to 50% of their grocery bill with no coupon-cutting required. For the 20 million US college students - 90% of who visit a grocery store at least once per month - who spend approximately $20 billion on groceries each year, those savings add up quickly. This new app takes pre-shopping to a whole new level, and with its "results in seconds" promise, consumers are quickly running out of reasons not to save their money.

GrubFindr was inspired by Grocery Server's destination site "", which has been called "the 'Google' in local grocery shopping and budget-minded meal planning", and was launched in 2005 to provide consumers with easy-to-access tools to save money on groceries and time on pre-shopping. The free service, presenting flyer specials for over 350 retailers (70,000+ stores) in all 55,000 ZIP codes, provides the best deals and coupons to save members the most on weekly grocery shopping.

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