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September 22, 2016 16:17 ET

Groundbreaking Enhancement Service Amplifies the Potency of Medicinal Herbs

WHITE CITY, OR--(Marketwired - September 22, 2016) - After over a decade of research on medicinal herbs, scientists at Vital Force Technology (VFT) labs have discovered how to enhance and amplify the potency and absorption rate of ingested and topically applied natural herbal ingredients.

Using proprietary nanotechnology, Dr. Yury Kronn and his team have successfully increased the potency and absorption rates of three herbal ingredients already; Siberian Ginseng, Turmeric, and Willow Bark and created targeted energetic formulas to complement and enhance the effect of the natural herbs. By combining the highest-quality herbal ingredients and specially designed bioenergetic formulas, VFT labs have been able to increase absorption resulting in quicker biological reactions to herbs and longer lasting therapeutic effects.

Independent manufacturers have already begun trials with enhanced herbal ingredients and indicate positive results overall. One manufacturer shares that doctors participating in their pilot study reported that patients described an "immediate and significant pain reduction" after a single application of a topical Aloe Vera product with VFT-enhanced Willow Bark. Compared to gradual improvement and less noticeable physical effect from a non-enhanced version of the same product.

Galina Kalyuzhny, a professional herbalist and physicist with Vital Force Technology shares "We're very excited by the results of the pilot studies. The physiological reaction we're seeing from many of the participants in each study suggests that energetically-enhanced herbs offer notably more benefits over taking the herbs by themselves. The improvement is so significant that we suspect VFT enhancement could not only improve the efficacy of herbal ingredients but also potentially result in lower therapeutic dosages with comparable positive effects."

At this time, Vital Force Technology continues to work with interested manufacturers to develop new formulas and enhance their herbal-based products. They'll be attending Supply Side West in Las Vegas October 5th-8th to meet with potential manufacturing partners and share more information about their herbal ingredient research. To set up a meeting or learn how VFT formulas could improve your herbal ingredients, contact the Vital Force Technology Business Support team directly at 800-341-7458 or via email at

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