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May 12, 2008 14:24 ET

Groundbreaking Fertility Test Measuring Women's Biological Clocks Launches in South Florida

South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine to Offer the PlanAhead™ Test, the Most Innovative & Accurate Testing Available

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - May 12, 2008) - South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has joined forces with Repromedix Corp, the nation's leading diagnostic laboratory for fertility testing, to be the first in the Miami area to offer the PlanAhead™ test, a cutting edge test measuring a woman's biological clock. PlanAhead is an innovative blood test that provides a much more convenient, accurate and less costly method of assessing a woman's supply of eggs, by combining several factors such as the measurement of ovary-related hormones AMH, Inhibin B, and FSH.

The window of opportunity for a woman to conceive naturally depends upon an adequate supply of eggs, which invariably declines with age making it a critical factor in the fertility process. PlanAhead enables women to compare their own supply of eggs with the normal expected range for women of their age and provides valuable directional information by helping them make more informed decisions about when to have a child.

"The PlanAhead test represents an extraordinary advance in fertility diagnostics compared to what has previously been available to the general population," explains Dr. Benjamin Leader, Chief Medical Officer of Repromedix. "Many fertility experts have long viewed the gold standard of egg supply measurement to be the number of eggs obtained through egg retrieval, an expensive procedure usually reserved for specialty fertility clinics involving hormone injections and minimally invasive procedures. PlanAhead offers similar information to the general public via a simple blood test," he adds.

Dr Juergen Eisermann, founder and Medical Director of South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine, comments that they are pleased to be the first in the Miami area to offer the pioneer test and remain at the forefront of cutting edge reproductive technologies.

"Our mission is to provide patients with the most advanced testing and treatment options available. This innovative test can now provide women with critical information about their ovarian reserve, helping them make more informed family planning decisions," he says.

The PlanAhead test co-developer Repromedix Corp selected South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine to be one of a select number of IVF centers around the country to debut the test. Repromedix will expand the Plan Ahead test launch to major markets across the United States throughout 2008.

The cost of the PlanAhead Test is $350 and can be purchased online at or at South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine, where patients can also have their blood drawn. Blood samples will be sent to Repromedix, whose lab will perform the advanced testing and submits the report and recommendations to the patient's physician.

Women interested in learning more about PlanAhead should visit:

About South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (

South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SFIRM) is one of the leading infertility treatment practices, providing advanced reproductive endocrinology services in the South Florida area for over 15 years. SFIRM, with locations in Miami, Pembroke Pines and Palm Beach, offers a range of services, procedures and packages catering to the patients individualized needs.

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Repromedix is the leading national diagnostic laboratory for fertility testing and offers a multifaceted approach to clinical fertility testing that encompasses many medical disciplines including endocrinology, immunology and genetics. Repromedix offers the most comprehensive suite of advanced diagnostic tests that provide valuable information regarding the complex problems of reproductive failure. Since its inception in 1993, the company has assisted more than 45,000 patients by performing over 100,000 diagnostic tests for recurrent pregnancy loss, premature ovarian failure, male infertility, and unexplained infertility. Repromedix is a portfolio company of Brook Venture Partners, Ironwood Capital Management, and Brooke Private Equity Advisors.

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