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February 03, 2011 13:16 ET

Groundbreaking Social Media Breaks Ice for College Pro

LONDON, ON--(Marketwire - February 3, 2011) - College Pro Painters and Window Cleaning gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada last month for their first leadership conference to meet, mingle and plan for a phenomenal 2011. What appeared to be a seemingly normal conference started off with an unusual bang. This was not your standard leadership conference to discuss advanced skill training and professional painting and window cleaning, but instead a chance for employees to learn and incorporate social media into their business practices, an essential skill in today's marketplace.

Upon arrival, employees and franchise owners were split into groups and given 45 minutes to create a "viral social media video." The goal was to create a video that would appeal to audiences on social spaces like YouTube and Facebook and spread organically. Not only was this an ice-breaker for the leadership conference, but also a hands-on social media tutorial. The videos were an instant hit and the exercise helped demonstrate the power of social media in the business world. Whether being used for training, team building, customer service, or lead generation, social media is a tool that College Pro values. College Pro believes that students looking to maximize their success in their painting or window cleaning businesses should look to the tools they are most familiar with and take advantage of the opportunities they present.

Mitch Seiffert, General Manager of College Pro Window Cleaning, described the ice breaker as "a great idea! It really allowed everyone to have some fun and I was amazed at the end results from just 45 minutes of work from a group of people." The winning video was a parody of the Dos Equis commercial "the most interesting man in the world." The best social media video was awarded, as well as the franchise owners who achieved the 2010 President's Award. In all, the participants enjoyed the exercise and took away some very valuable lessons from the process.

The College Pro leadership conference consisted of:

  • Innovative hands-on social media practices
  • New and inventive business strategies
  • Leadership skills training
  • Recognition of the 2010 President's Award winners

College Pro demonstrated their creative talents and compelling business practices at their leadership conference, and they also demonstrated their commitment to their franchisees in serving them the best possible knowledge to help them succeed. The video assignment proved to be a huge success, paving the way for the company's innovative future. These cutting edge professional painting and window cleaning services deliver the perfect platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn valuable and critical business skills while generating income, developing key business contacts, and putting their educations to work for them. By utilizing the tools that their franchisees are familiar with, they can position these franchise owners to achieve the best possible results and succeed in the business.

About College Pro Painters:
In business for 40 years, College Pro is a North American student painting and window cleaning company that offers residential painting and window cleaning services during summer months in local communities. Student franchise managers and general managers have participated in charity events and donated services equating to over $900,000 to improve community spaces and housing in underprivileged areas across Canada and the United States. The company's core purpose, 'together, realizing potentials,' uniquely mentors and challenges students to become successful community and business leaders.


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