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March 19, 2007 08:05 ET

Groundbreaking Test by CT Labs Verifies Performance of CommuniGate Pro Architecture

Independent Test Lab Leverages Empirix Equipment to Emulate 200,000 VoIP Subscribers and Validate CommuniGate Device Performance

ROCKLIN, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 19, 2007 -- CT Labs, a leading supplier of independent product testing, Q/A and analysis services for the converged communications industry, announced today it has completed a series of SIP-based performance tests on the CommuniGate Pro architecture and SIP Farm product, a scalable, IMS-ready VoIP-service platform. CommuniGate, a provider of scalable Internet Communications solutions, chose CT Labs for its expertise in automated, real-world performance testing methodologies.

For this exercise, CT Labs was tasked with verifying the performance of the CommuniGate Pro architecture when subjected to a series of realistic traffic flows, such as those that would be encountered from an access network subscriber base.

To accomplish the test goals, CT Labs implemented a new, real-world residential access network traffic model in its lab. The test scenario involved the staging of more than 200,000 active subscribers using a variety of SIP traffic components. These included Internet-based subscriber endpoints performing registrations; SIP subscribers engaged in calls; subscribers interacting with the voicemail application served up by the CommuniGate Pro architecture; and an injection of SIP-specific distributed denial of service attacks.

CT Labs utilizes a variety of test tools and emulation products throughout its many projects, depending upon the test requirements. For the CommuniGate project, Hammer traffic generators were supplied by Empirix, a leading provider of testing and monitoring solutions for IMS and VoIP, to create an environment reflecting real-world access network traffic. These functions included:

--  A load generator to provide the bulk of the SIP calls with media;
--  A call feature generator to emulate users interacting with the
    CommuniGate Pro voice mail application, while performing real-time voice
    quality checks of selected recorded voice messages;
--  A device emulation platform for providing the registration load that
    emulated idle subscribers; and
--  A proprietary, in-house CT Labs SIP Attack Generator tool to create a
    generation of high packet rate SIP-specific denial of service attacks as
    they might be encountered from an access network sourcing a malicious
CT Labs also leveraged Empirix OneSight, a proactive monitoring solution, to collect key performance and availability metrics that were logged during each of the multi-server test runs and correlated with the performance results collected from the Empirix Hammer test platforms. All test equipment and CommuniGate servers in this test were interconnected using Extreme Networks Summit 400-24t high performance Gigabit non-blocking switches.

"The emulated traffic conditions, enabled by Empirix's Hammer platform, were used to demonstrate the overall performance, reliability and attack resiliency of the CommuniGate Pro architecture," said Chris Bajorek, Director of CT Labs. "The results of these tests confirmed the validity of the CT Labs real-world access network traffic model and the effectiveness of CommuniGate's equipment."

"When we looked for a partner to conduct this important test, there was no question that CT Labs had the resources and expertise to develop the scenario we needed," said Jon R. Doyle, Vice President of Business Development for CommuniGate Systems. "Their diligence and insight helped us to ensure we were incorporating the right real-world situations into our testing activities. As a result, we were able to demonstrate that CommuniGate Pro could support more than 200,000 active users without a call or registration failure on just a two-server architecture."

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