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January 20, 2015 08:01 ET

Group Insurance and Employee Benefits Management: C-surance.ca Launches a Revolutionary IT Platform That Will Save the Industry Between 1.5 and 5 Billion $ on a Yearly Basis

The C-surance.ca ECOSYSTEM provides instant gratification to ALL stakeholders

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Jan. 20, 2015) - C-surance.ca Global Services Inc. today announced the launch of its C-surance.ca ECOSYSTEM, a revolutionary cloud based platform that replaces, within a single/universal set of integrated technological tools, the multitude of incompatible systems currently used by the Group Insurance and Employee Benefits industry's numerous participants.

Obsolete in terms of applicative functionality, traditional systems used by a majority of the industry's specialized stakeholders operate in silo mode. This notably inefficient approach requires providers and clients alike to constantly replicate the same data and management operations compounding wasted time with risk of errors.

Thus, enterprises, unions, government agencies, insurers, consultants, actuaries, TPA/TTPs, payroll/HR system providers and BPM suppliers can, from now on, interconnect thru the Ecosystem and share information as well as responsibilities. By allowing all stakeholders to access a universal platform, the Ecosystem provides insurance management with efficiency comparable to that offered by Amazon in the retail industry. Consumers are now part of the solution, ensuring proper data management and a single access to all the needed information.

Software teams have literally 'injected' a high degree of intelligence and specialized expertise within the Ecosystem, supporting with unmatched efficiency the entire range of functions required by the different providers and their clients. With C-surance.ca, a simplified single operation by any of the authorized users will ensure updated data for all interconnected collaborators.

Advanced programming makes it simple to configure the rights and privileges of each user. Therefore, while all share the same data, a sophisticated security module ensures thorough access control, protecting confidential information. A dynamic Ecosystem, C-surance.ca simplifies processes, totally eliminating redundancies within a unique, cloud-based platform, fully integrated for everyone.

Consumers and providers are all real winners!

Consumers are the very first beneficiaries of this technology. Billions$ in inefficient spending can now be redirected to pay for improved healthcare services and concrete benefits, while easy access to all key information insure instant gratification at all levels.

But service providers benefit just as much from this interaction within a universal platform since they can, from now on, exclusively focus their energies and knowledge to delivering the best products and services to their customers. Each provider can choose the tasks and responsibilities he wishes to take on, while relying on a network of highly qualified professionals to deliver the auxiliary services. Beyond the obvious economies of scale, the ecosystem fosters the constant optimization of everyone's talents and expertise's.

''Our ecosystem takes full advantage of the 21st century's technological potential. And this means major savings from the first day of the platform's implementation," says C-surance.ca President Richard Sirois. ''As an example, Group Insurance management costs represent between 10% and 48% of the premiums, depending of the organization. So, on average, 30% of the premium's real value is spent by procedural inefficiency. Our tools reduce those management costs by 15% to 50%."

A unique system… the result of 20 years of development

This complete and fully integrated C-surance.ca version is the result of close to 20 years of development and millions $ in investment in close collaboration with industry professionals. The latest EDI additions have allowed us to thoroughly complete the package offering as the ecosystem can now respond to all needs.

In 2006, in a study entitled Insurance 2020 : innovation beyond old models the highly regarded IBM Corporation made it clear that the current business model would not cut it by 2020. "The industry had to go into a 15 years business planning to ensure its ability to compete by making sure it would respond to the changing demand." The industry needed to migrate from a PRODUCT centric to a CLIENT centric approach.

C-surance.ca leaders had already drawn the same conclusions in 2000 and have since invested considerable amounts in order to create the cloud-based collaborative real-time, end-to-end integrated Ecosystem being introduced today.

With the roll out of the integrated C-surance.ca drug card- in November 2013 -, the ECOSYSTEM represents a Canadian first. It is indeed the first time a single system can manage all activities from sales all the way to pharmacy payment in REAL TIME within a single database.

''By making this ECOSYSTEM a national standard, consumers and employers could recoup annually approximately 5 billion$ from currently wasted management costs. These are available funds that could pay for needed health products and services."

The ECOSYSTEM is a no brainer… But, because the insurance industry is very conservative you may need to ask for it to force faster implementation.

C-surance.ca Global Service Inc. (MDI)

Established in 1980, C-surance.ca Global Service Inc. (MDI) is a software company dedicated exclusively to optimizing processes for the Group Insurance and Employee Benefit industry. Introduced in 2014, the C-surance.ca ECOSYSTEM is a multimillion$ endeavor and the result of close to 20 years of smart technology development efforts guided by a global vision of IT evolution and the industry's changing needs. C-surance.ca president Richard Sirois has been involved with insurance and software for close to 45 years.

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