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March 17, 2011 11:10 ET

Group Voicemail a "First" Among Group Texting Services

Voice Mail & Conference Calling Rolled Out by SMS Texting Service GroupFlier

BETHESDA, MD--(Marketwire - March 17, 2011) - Group texting service GroupFlier ( today announced a group voicemail feature that is unique among the band of group texting services like GroupMe, GroupedIn, and TextPlus.

Showing it off this week at the South by Southwest event (SXSW), GroupFlier users can now send or listen to voicemails. Another new service that users can take full advantage of freely is creating and joining conference calls.

"The group voicemail feature is unique among all the texting players," said Morris Panner, GroupFlier CEO. "Sometimes a 140-character text is not enough to convey a message. A baseball coach, for example, can alert all the players on the team about a change in a game location and explain in detail why, for whatever reason. Some of our users just find it easier or more expedient to talk and leave voicemail."

About the Voicemail Feature

  • The group creator can send a voicemail to everyone in the group. Individual members can also create a voicemail however that voicemail goes only to the group owner/creator.

  • Group members receive an SMS message informing them that a new voicemail is waiting for them.

  • The menu system handles multiple voicemails that can be deleted at any time.

Conference Calling Support

  • Anyone in a chat group can create a conference call but only the group owner can create a conference call that will reach all members.

  • Group members receive an SMS message inviting them to join the conference.

  • A conference call has an imposed maximum of 40 participants.

GroupFlier allows any community of friends -- club, team, class or party -- to use a single text message (or voicemail) to reach everyone in the group at once. Users can also create public groups of curated texts open to anyone wishing to join.

Yesterday the company announced that its free group text messaging app is available on the Android Market as well as on the iPhone App Store.

The GroupFlier Android app can be found on the Android Market by clicking:

GroupFlier can also be found on the iPhone App Store by clicking:

About GroupFlier 
GroupFlier's mission is to empower clubs and associations of all types, through free group texting and content curating for SMS. The service is compatible with all cellphone devices and platforms, whether it be a BlackBerry, Android, iPhone or old Nokia, as well as supporting any service plans by AT&T, Verizon or a phone card.

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