December 01, 2008 02:50 ET

Groupe Aeroplan Inc. announces temporary changes to payment terms to Air Canada

    MONTREAL, Dec. 1  - As announced today by Air Canada,
Aeroplan Limited Partnership ("Aeroplan") will temporarily accelerate its
payment terms to Air Canada for flight reward tickets issued through to May
29, 2009. This will have the effect of accelerating approximately $70 million
in payments to Air Canada by December 31, 2008.
    In consideration of the foregoing, Aeroplan and Air Canada have agreed to
certain commercial arrangements to their mutual benefit.
    This announcement does not impact Aeroplan Members.

    About Groupe Aeroplan Inc.

    Groupe Aeroplan Inc. is a leading international loyalty management
corporation. Groupe Aeroplan owns Aeroplan, Canada's premier loyalty program
and Nectar, the United Kingdom's leading coalition loyalty program. In the
Gulf Region, Groupe Aeroplan owns 60 per cent of Rewards Management Middle
East, the operator of Air Miles programs in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar
and Bahrain. Groupe Aeroplan also operates Insight & Communication, a
customer-driven insight and data analytics business offering worldwide
services to retailers and their suppliers.
    For more information about Groupe Aeroplan, please visit www.

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