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October 03, 2011 09:02 ET

Groupware Technology Chooses Green Delete for Secure, Responsible and Onsite Data Disposal

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Oct 3, 2011) - Green Delete, the only IT service provider offering onsite-only data disposal for organizations, announces that Groupware Technology has chosen Green Delete as its exclusive partner to help customers safely and completely dispose of their digital assets while protecting the environment against the hazards of electronic waste or e-waste.

Just months after being founded in early 2011, Green Delete CEO Marilyn Slavin has already attracted Groupware, a leading systems integrator, to Green Delete's unique offering: secure, responsible and on-site data disposal.

"Every time businesses, governments or other organizations decommission or upgrade IT assets, they face the daunting challenge of protecting critical data stored on internal hard drives," said Slavin. "Groupware Technology recognizes the growing need for companies to safeguard data without having to destroy the devices storing the data."

Green Delete's onsite service securely eradicates data from IT equipment that's been removed from service, alleviating risk and liability to customers and enabling them to save money by reusing or reselling IT devices in good working condition.

"Our data center services span the lifecycle of our customers' investments," said Mike Thompson, President and CEO, Groupware Technology. "Green Delete's service helps us protect customers' data assets and maximize their investments -- both important principles of our mission."

"Our Fortune 500 customers are increasingly concerned about data security breaches, and adding safe and environmental digital asset disposal to our offering will give them peace of mind and help mitigate risk," said Thompson.

Green Delete is a certified data eradication service provider that goes directly inside an organization's facility, working within the customer's secure environment, eliminating chain-of-custody issues.

A key mission for Green Delete is to protect the environment from e-waste, which is often shipped to less-developed countries and dumped or burned in landfills. E-waste releases pollutants from heavy metals and hazardous chemicals that threaten all forms of life. Green Delete views this form of disposal as unacceptable.

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Green Delete, Inc. helps enterprises implement a sound data protection strategy by providing data breach liability indemnification for old or obsolete IT equipment. Customers count on Green Delete to provide them with the highest level of data eradication, asset reporting and data recovery services. This assures recoverable value from their hardware, lowering costs to dispose of equipment, reducing their impact on the environment and simplifying data eradication. Headquartered in Chicago, Il., Green Delete helps businesses and other organizations comply with strict regulations that protect against breaches in data security and customer privacy. For more information, please go to

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