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April 17, 2014 13:03 ET

Growth Drag: Growth-Oriented Stocks and Sectors Help Weigh Down Major U.S. Indexes in the First Half of April (as of 4/14), With Larger Impact Felt in U.S. Small Caps, According to Russell Indexes

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2014) - Growth-oriented stocks and sectors have contributed to the U.S. market downturn in the month of April as of April 14.

The U.S. large-cap Russell 1000® Index is down (-2.4%) in April as of April 14, with the Russell 1000® Growth Index (-2.8%) down more than the Russell 1000® Value Index (-2.0%) for the same time period. This growth/value split is more pronounced in smaller capitalization stocks in April. The U.S. small cap Russell 2000® Index is down (-4.9%) in April as of April 14, with the Russell 2000® Growth Index (-6.1%) down significantly more than the Russell 2000® Value Index (-3.6%).

In the month of April-to-date, traditional growth-oriented sectors have contributed to the downturn in U.S. large cap stocks. The Healthcare (-4.5%), Consumer Discretionary (-3.1%) and Technology (-2.7%) sectors have dragged down the Russell 1000® Index in April-to-date, while the Utilities (0.9%), Energy (0.7%) and Consumer Staples (-0.1%) sectors have fared better. In the Russell 1000® Index, the value-oriented Financial Services sector (-3.8%) was also a large detractor from April-to-date performance.

The same trend applies to U.S. small cap stocks. The Healthcare (-9.5%), Technology (-7.2%) and Consumer Discretionary (-4.8%) sectors have weighed down the Russell 2000® Index in April-to-date. The Energy (-0.4%), Consumer Staples (-1.7%) and Utilities (-2.0%) sectors are also down for the month, but much less pronounced.

"Growth and value leadership in the market tends to move in cycles over time and, in the case of 2014-to-date, may quickly shift from one to the other," said David Koenig, CFA, FRM, index investment strategist for Russell Investments. "By using index tools to dig below the surface of broad market performance into shifting style and sector leadership, investors can gain greater insight into potential factors driving the market. Observing the growth / value dynamic through index performance can help underscore the potential benefits of style diversification in a multi-asset portfolio."

For more information on the Russell growth and value indexes including a new research study by Koenig entitled "Value? Growth? Or Both," go to the Russell Indexes website.

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