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September 23, 2013 04:00 ET

Growth Prospects in Tunisia and Egypt in the Post-Arab Spring

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS--(Marketwired - Sept. 23, 2013) - Euromonitor International released today a new white paper "Consumer Markets Post Arab Spring," identifying opportunities for growth in both Tunisia and Egypt despite the challenges presented by their respective revolutions.

In Tunisia, the interim government is offering tax breaks to encourage foreign investment. Its geographic location and trade agreements with the EU, Arab Maghreb Union and other countries are key to the attractiveness of investing in the country.

Amin Alkhatib, Tunisian analyst at Euromonitor says, "Tunisian-based companies have access to both Europe and North Africa. A long-term plan to capture future market shares and gain a footing in the regional export market would be key reasons for establishing a company in Tunisia".

In Egypt, the tourism market was heavily impacted by the revolution. However, Euromonitor's analysts are optimistic given the efforts to build ties with other countries to increase tourism. One such partnership with Vietnam will see direct flights through Egypt Air from 2014.

Foodservice is another sector with a positive outlook. Euromonitor's Egypt Analyst, Kinda Chebib, says, "The foodservice market is still relatively conservative and offers multiple untapped opportunities. Outlets featuring international gourmet cuisine have a negligible presence and offer room for development".

Statistics from the white paper:

New Business Opportunities in Tunisia

  • The Tunisian interim government is introducing a 30% reduction in taxes of net profits reinvested in Tunisia.
  • Tunisia has signed trade agreements with the EU, Arab Maghreb Union (UMA), Egypt, and Morocco.
  • It was ranked 30th of out 185 countries in the "Doing Business 2013" with regard to trading across borders.

Consumer Foodservice in Egypt

  • The market is still relatively conservative and offers multiple untapped opportunities.
  • International cuisine is mainly represented by European and chained Asian full-service restaurants, which experienced current value growth of 9% and 30%, respectively, between 2011 and 2012.
  • International gourmet cuisine is still negligible, and offers substantial room for development.

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