October 12, 2010 09:00 ET

Grupo Int'l Inc. Offers Free Conversion for Independent Stores to Become "RiMart" Stores

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - October 12, 2010) - Grupo International Inc. (formally, "Hiv-Vac Inc."), current stock symbol (PINKSHEETS: HIVV), President Ramon Richard announced today that Grupo International Inc. plans to offer the "RiMart" branded stores to independent operators throughout Baja California. The Company feels that there is a strong demand for these conversions to the RiMart Stores. This program will have a limited time period which will give the Company a distinct advantage for rapid expansion in areas in and around RiMart's proposed "Hub Warehouses." These new RiMart stores will have instant access to carry RiMart branded tools, building materials and products as a condition of their new association. RiMart should realize immediate sales increase from the new stores due to the fact that these new stores would be buying exclusively from RiMart Hub Warehouse for their inventory. "RiMart" currently supplies many of the largest home builders in Baja California with product.

Grupo International Inc. announced last week its plan to open its 15th store in La Paz, Baja Mexico. This store location will serve as a dual purpose as it will also serve as a "Hub Warehouse" store for this Region. The Company expects to open 4 more stores in or around La Paz over the next six months.

Grupo International Inc. operates under the names of "RiMart," which sells building materials, specialized tools and other products related to the building and maintenance industry throughout Baja California. Other areas of Grupo International Inc.'s vertical integration is their divisions of "GR Construction" which specializes in large industrial projects, "Block GRYLSA" which operates block manufacturing facilities, and "GRYLSA," a raw materials division that owns sand concessions near the border of San Diego, California and Baja California. 

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