February 08, 2012 19:02 ET

GSC Products: Earthworm Poop Wrinkle Cream Touted as Hollywood Beauty Secret on The Doctors TV Show

ALBANY, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 8, 2012) - Dr. Travis Stork got an up-close look at the worlds' first earthworm poop wrinkle cream in a segment on The Doctors' TV Show. Marketed as "Wrinkle Butter" from Fresh Beauty Market, this unusual cream uses a special complex made from earthworm castings (poop), reported to reverse the aging process of skin. During the segment, earthworm poop was touted as the latest Hollywood beauty secret to prep celebrity skin for the red carpet.

It may sound crazy, but science supports the fact that earthworm castings contain more anti-aging compounds than the most expensive serums and creams. Castings are naturally filled with high doses of copper peptides, humates, auxins, kinetins and cytokinins proven to stimulate healthy cell growth, collagen production and firm skin. According to Wayne Perry, president of GSC Products (makers of Wrinkle Butter), the castings are sterilized and made into an extract before being added to the final product.

"There's no poop smell or anything like that. Earthworm casting are extremely clean. Wrinkle Butter immediately makes skin firmer, softer and much more elastic. Customers have also reported major relief from psoriasis and eczema as well. There's no doubt our earthworm complex fixes skin fast," says Perry.

It's well known that plants grow best when fertilized with earthworm castings because they break down nutrients, making them more easily absorbable by the roots. Therefore it's not surprising to find out earthworm poop can also improve the health of skin. Many organic farmers report relief from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema after being exposed to "worm tea," a fertilizer made by mixing castings with water.

While Hollywood is all a buzz about the new earthworm poop facial, it's been a well kept secret until the recent Doctors episode.

"We can't comment on which celebrities are using our earthworm Wrinkle Butter, but I can say we have at least a dozen A-list celebrities using the product and they all love it. We have a number of Beverly Hills estheticians using the product as well. Since launching the cream less than a year ago, it's become a big seller with the Hollywood crowd and now the secret is out thanks to The Doctors," Perry adds.

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