April 29, 2013 10:00 ET

GTA Parents Hope to Send Grown Kids Packing for Mother's Day

Financial Challenges Keeping Adult Children from Leaving the Nest

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 29, 2013) - It's not always the parent taking care of her child; Kim Coady's been thanking her lucky stars for her son, Mike, who looked after her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now in remission, she wants to help him get back on his two feet and regain his life.

In the case of 22-year-old Hamiltonian Katie Kish, she's lucky: she has a job in her field of study. But the job is part-time, leaving her stuck in mom Heidi's house. By winning RateSupermarket.ca's "Get out of My House!" Mother's Day Contest, Mike - or Katie - will have his/her own place sooner than either thought possible.

Coady and Kish are two of six national finalists vying to win $5,397.50 to help set up an 'adult child' in a place of his/her own. With rising living costs and a weak job market, increasing numbers of young adults are delaying living independently. Currently, 42% of Canadians aged 20-29 still live in the home of one or both parents*, much to the dismay of said parents who likely expected to have the house to themselves by now.

RateSupermarket.ca, Canada's independent rate comparison site is bringing awareness to this pressing issue with a study that outlines the various needs and costs associated with moving out on one's own. The final determination: $5,397.50. The company averaged the price of accommodations, cleaning supplies, futons and other miscellaneous items to determine the number; a full breakdown can be found in their infographic, featured at getoutofmyhouse.ca.

"We're trying to bring a little levity into a more serious situation, which is that economic times are tough right now for young adults just starting out," says Kelvin Mangaroo, President of RateSupermarket.ca. "We're shining a light on the issue, while underscoring the importance of financial literacy for young people."

To help share this message, Ratesupermarket.ca launched the "I Love You, Now Get out of My House!" giveaway (getoutofmyhouse.ca) earlier this month. The competition received over 150 entries from parents and grown children alike. The six finalists have been chosen and the winner will be determined by popular online vote. To find out about the finalists or to vote, visit www.getoutofmyhouse.ca. The winner, who will receive a grand prize totalling over $5,000, will be announced May 12.

*Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: "Family Life - Young Adults Living with their Parent(s)."

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