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February 21, 2008 10:13 ET

GTREX Capital Announces Acquisition of 83% of Green Globe, Limited, Owner of the Premier International Brand for Travel, Tourism and Related Businesses

The Green Globe Brand, Launched in 1994, Is Targeted for Expansion Into New Markets and Industry Segments

MURRIETA, CA--(Marketwire - February 21, 2008) - GTREX Capital, Inc. (OTCBB: GRXI), a holding company with subsidiary operations in the travel distribution industry, today announced that it has closed its acquisition of 83% of Green Globe, Ltd., a British company that owns the Green Globe brand, the premier international brand for travel, tourism and related businesses. GTREX Capital closed its acquisition of a majority of the shares of Green Globe, Ltd. (UK), a privately held company, through a securities purchase and share exchange agreement with two principal shareholders and one minority shareholder, whose combined ownership represents 83% of the total outstanding capital stock of Green Globe, Ltd. (UK).

GTREX Capital expects to purchase the remaining 17% of Green Globe, Ltd. (UK), which would be positioned as a wholly owned subsidiary of GTREX Capital, Inc.

With the acquisition of majority ownership of Green Globe, Ltd. (UK), the focus of GTREX Capital, Inc. will become the promotion and protection of the Green Globe brand and to expand its use by businesses, communities and other entities.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) established Green Globe in 1992 as a response to the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, where 182 Heads of State endorsed the Agenda 21 principles of Sustainable Development. After two years of additional development, the Green Globe program was established as a commercial enterprise.

The Green Globe brand has historically been associated with sustainable travel and tourism. Under a membership program launched in the 1990s, Green Globe was associated with upwards of 500 hotels, resorts, tourist and travel associations, and similar organizations in nearly 100 countries on six continents. The Green Globe logo is currently marketed by organizations that have entered into joint ventures and/or licensing agreements with Green Globe, Ltd. (UK) to use the Green Globe brand for hotels, resorts and other tourism destinations that meet certain specific benchmarks for sustainability.

Under the ownership of GTREX Capital, Green Globe is expected to expand the reach of the Green Globe brand beyond its current affiliated organizations to additional applications in the travel and tourism market, as well as new potential applications for the Green Globe brand. With Green Globe as its focus, GTREX Capital has positioned its Global Travel Exchange subsidiary to utilize its travel distribution technology in new business opportunities related to the Green Globe initiative. It will place a major focus on solutions that help countries, communities, companies and consumers respond to climate change.

"The acquisition of majority ownership of Green Globe, Ltd. and ownership of the Green Globe brand has major significance for GTREX Capital and will represent a significant change in focus for the company," stated Steven R. Peacock, interim president/chief executive officer. "Given the scope of this acquisition, it will be impossible to discuss every facet of the business and its expected operations at this juncture. There will be a number of regional and global initiatives related to the Green Globe brand, some associated with the current applications for the brand and others that will be launched as new programs. We can say however that the response to climate change will be an important and exciting new business opportunity."

"For those who have been long-term shareholders and strongly believe in the viability of the Global Travel Exchange travel distribution technology, we are pleased to report that it will play a significant role in a major division of the company. The role of Global Travel Exchange, the status of current Green Globe affiliates and joint venture relationships, and the new planned applications for the Green Globe brand will be addressed in detail over the next several weeks as new agreements are executed and the company's business strategy is implemented. We expect to conduct a very active communications schedule that will be an absolute necessity so that our shareholders and the broader public markets, to say nothing of the worldwide Green Globe audience, can gain a better understanding of our business strategy.

"As part of our discussion of Green Globe and ownership of the brand, we will be launching a new corporate website that will provide links to the company's subsidiaries, including Green Globe, Ltd. and its joint ventures, affiliates, consultants and other related entities. We believe that this will help us to properly articulate the story of Green Globe and GTREX Capital to a broad audience. We will continue to urge shareholders and others interested in following our story to subscribe to receive the email alerts at

"This is just the beginning for GTREX Capital and its association with Green Globe, and we are excited to become the stewards of a quality brand such as Green Globe. We look forward to expanding the application of its basic tenets of environmental responsibility and building commercial applications that are highly successful in the global marketplace," Mr. Peacock added.

About GTREX Capital, Inc.

GTREX Capital, Inc. ( is a holding company with subsidiaries conducting business in the travel industry. Global Travel Exchange, Inc., a GTREX Capital subsidiary, has launched its Voyager Network travel distribution platform, which provides a service that enables direct access to reservation systems of major travel suppliers such as airlines, cruise lines, hotels, car rental companies and providers of other travel amenities. GTREX Capital has just closed the acquisition of majority ownership of Green Globe, Ltd., a British company that owns the Green Globe brand, the premier international brand for travel, tourism and related businesses. With the acquisition of Green Globe, Ltd. (UK), the focus of the company will be the promotion and protection of the Green Globe brand and to expand its use by businesses, communities and other entities.

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