May 23, 2006 23:59 ET

Guaranteeing Access: OPMEDIC Group Favores the Option of an Opening Range from Intermediate to a Virtual Free Market to the financing and production of Outpatient Surgery Services by the Private

MONTREAL, May 23 - Not for dissemination in the United States.

a healthcare-related services company providing facilities and
services to patients and surgeons, proposes today a possibility of a
partnership with the Governement and the option of an opening range from
intermediate to a virtual free market to the financing and production of
outpatient surgery services by the private sector.

In responding to the various issues corresponding to this option, here
are the points advocated by Dr. Pierre St-Michel, president and CEO of OPMEDIC

- The emergence of private clinics for elective surgeries under public-
private partnerships;
- Public-private partnerships must be tested as quickly as possible
within existing clinics that meet most of the criteria set by the
Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux in the proposal for the
creation of affiliated clinics;
- The sale of private insurance for medical and hospital services must be
legalized and extended to all elective one day surgeries covered by the
RAMQ and not be restricted to hip, knee and cataract surgery;
- The Government must allow all patients on waiting lists for elective
surgeries for more than 6 to 9 months to receive care in a private
clinic in Québec rather than in a public institution outside Québec;
- Beyond the 6 to 9 months of waiting time, the Ministère de la Santé et
des Services sociaux must commit to pay all the costs related to the
surgical procedures for patients that opt for care in a private clinic
in Québec.
- The 6-to-9-month waiting time for guaranteed access to outpatient
surgery covered by the RAMQ must include the step of getting an
appointment with a specialist;
- Physicians who have opted into the public system must be able to
continue practising freely in the private sector so long as they do
not receive any compensation in excess of the payment by the RAMQ;
- The patient must always have freedom to opt for what he thinks is the
best for his health and the public healthcare system must be preserved.

The public-private partnership solution proposed by Dr. St-Michel would be
between the Government and the private outpatient surgery clinics. This
solution could be tested within the OPMEDIC clinic, a surgery division of the
OPMEDIC Group. Among the current runnings and activities of this Laval (Qc)
surgery clinic, here are some examples:

- OPMEDIC is already poised to respond to the requirements and criteria
of the second option presented by the Governement "Opening door to the
funding and production of services by the private sector";
- OPMEDIC gurarantees the patient an appointment with a specialist within
1 month and provides consultation offices for surgeons and patients;
- OPMEDIC proposes a billing structure adapted to the needs of the
governement, patients and surgeons. In the case of elective one day
surgeries covered by the RAMQ, the surgeon is paid by the RAMQ and
receives no further remuneration for the surgical procedure. The RAMQ
pays also for consultations and patient follow-up. The patient is
responsible for expenses related to the surgery, such as dressings,
medication, certain specialized prostheses, or specific nursing care;
- OPMEDIC meets nearly all the governement's criteria for qualification
as an affiliated clinic. Moreover, OPMEDIC Group would like to serve as
a ground-breaking case in establishing the basic operating structure of
an affiliated clinic, thereby developing a public-private partnership
that is practical and effective;
- OPMEDIC surgeons remain affiliated with the RAMQ but should be able to
respond to the needs of their patients by practising, as needed, in a
private clinic;
- Patients of OPMEDIC will always have the choice of being operated on
by the same surgeon in the public sector;
- The waiting time of OPMEDIC for elective one day surgery is less than
8 weeks.

Dr. Pierre St-Michel will answer to medias during a conference call on:
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 02:00p.m. Please dial the following phone number to
join the telephone conference: 1-800-814-4861.

The OPMEDIC Group submission "A Readily Available Solution for Elective
Surgeries" is available in French and in English on www.opmedicgroup.com


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